Tie in women's clothing

Tie in women's clothing
 Female tie has become an indispensable attribute of the clothes of any woman who is not only used in business meetings, but also in everyday clothes. No man will miss the woman who wears a tie in a different way, not the way it is taken, and the designers successfully used in all kinds of neckties for women collections more and more.

First tie themselves dressed mistress of Louis XIV - Louise de la Valliere. In her honor was named fancy knot she tied his tie around his neck. But the really fashionable this attribute clothing for women began in the XX century, when the clothes he started using Hollywood stars.

Tie is the most essential attribute at a business meeting. He perfectly combined with a blouse, a skirt any, which gives formal wear some sexuality and femininity. Thus it is possible to observe all the rules of office dress code, using pastel colors.

Men's Tie is used as a detail that complements the image of a business person. Female tie adds eccentric and gives a new field for experimentation with style. Representatives of the artists do not limit themselves to choosing the color of accessories and components. You can wear a tie with sleeveless or with strict shirt. It can be put on a naked body under his shirt, unbuttoned the top button, out of which it will be a little "peek".

Woman with a tie looks stylish and extravagant. In this image there is something daring, but at the same time something sensual and feminine. Do not overload the image with some additional details, otherwise it can play a cruel joke. Tie should shine alone, you should avoid any prints that do not match other items of clothing. It is necessary to choose the right material, or accessory will look ridiculous or cheap. Suitable viscose, cotton and silk. Sometimes it is justified to use tie in men's style.

Tie is more sensual accessory than a scarf or ribbon. Therefore, it should be used with caution. There is a fine line between style and tasteless. In the case of women tie it particularly felt.

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