One thing - a few images

One thing - a few images
 Do not always have the opportunity to collect a large wardrobe, consisting of hundreds of items. If you live in an economy or simply want to recreate the look at old things, try to create as many images on one thing. Even the basic black jacket can skomplektovat so that we obtain six different options.
 Try to revive the office jacket. Wear it with a dress. In summer you can choose a light chiffon knee-length or higher than the thoughtless it is - the better. Throw on top of jacket, the sleeves of his tuck a couple of times and lift up to the elbow. Wear shoes with thin heels and platform under the forefoot. If the dress is soft, it is possible to make a color accent shoes suit.

In autumn, you can wear a dress of another style. At this time, fit the model fitting, knitted, 7 inches below the knee. Complete the form thick tights and low boots with a heel of the same color. You can also wear long boots - they should be overridden ankle hem of her dress. Jacket and tie smell narrow belt at the waist.

For a summer evening can make a set of jacket, tops and shorts. That the image was bright, use the top American armhole, rich deep color of silk. Shorts should be black. Wear this dress light flesh-colored sandals, wedges. The sleeves of the jacket tuck, decorate hands bracelets to match the costume.

If you do not want to open the legs, instead of blouses and shorts can be used jumpsuit. It is to be sewn from a lightweight material. In this case it is better to choose sandals with heels, but instead of bracelets to wear one ring with a large stone in the color of the suit.

Of course, not do without the combination "jacket + pants." Try and make it interesting. In the summer instead of the usual jeans you can buy slacks banana dark blue or dark brown at the waist with a thin strap. Under the jacket may be a white T-shirt in blue or coral stripes. Tuck pants, ankle opening. By this kit fit moccasins or sandals with high heels and wide platform.

For the cool season, you can pick from the hip flared trousers reaching to the middle of the high heel. Top wear thin sweater, jacket smell, and take a narrow strap. Wrap the scarf around the neck of a large knitted wear gloves to match the belt, trousers or a scarf.

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