How to wear transparent dress

How to wear transparent dress
 Nothing makes a woman a sensual and irresistible as transparent clothes. Light chiffon drape, foam translucent lace, through which shine graceful lines of the figure, unwittingly attracts the eye, awaken the imagination and cause a burning desire to become better acquainted with their owner. However, in order to wear transparent clothing, requires special skills.
 In transparent dress or blouse look tempting, but not vulgar is not so easy, so you must pay careful attention to the choice of clothing as well as to the characteristics of their own figures. After all, what could be more repulsive than the openly visible through the thin chiffon folds of fat or loose, sagging skin.

But really clear things can only wear young beauty with a model figure? Not at all. It just means that the creation of ensembles with transparent and translucent things should be treated much more harshly and critical than any other. This is the case when it is better not "put the squeeze than to pinch."

The first thing to be clear about where to wear transparent clothing, and where desirable. In particular, the office style quite frank assumes transparent or translucent blouses skirts and pants, even with a great figure. However, if a transparent chiffon blouse to wear under strict business jacket or tight sundress, then watch this ensemble would be appropriate. The same effect as a combination of femininity and business style can be achieved by wearing a transparent blouse small topic of the same or a slightly darker color.

Particularly appropriate transparent clothes will look on ceremonial and evening activities. Light chiffon and lace dresses, long skirts flying, transparent trousers - fantasy contemporary designers knows no bounds. But in this case there are several rules that allow not go fine line between sensual elegance and outright vulgarity.

Under the transparent clothes should not be too clearly visible underwear. If a dress or blouse too "light", it can be done under a special pad, which is easy to order in the near atelier. You can pick up a transparent dress with inserts of denser tissue on "risky" places. For example, thin chiffon trousers may be provided with short shorts from opaque tissue.

For long transparent skirts often use a variety of skirt, wide ribbons of lace dense, well-masking too translucent parts of the body, or the lush draperies. A similar effect can be multi-layered clothing when worn several things transparent to one another.

If handled properly and transparent clothing is able to give any woman a special charm, making it an attractive and sexy. Therefore, experimenting with similar clothes possible and necessary, it is only important to know the measure of all.

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