How to wear a cocktail dress

How to wear a cocktail dress
 Events that are usually put on a cocktail dress may be different - corporate parties, receptions, friendly parties. But to make this outfit really emphasized the dignity of women, it should be able to wear.
 Before you choose a dress to wear, you should find out what is planned for the event, and find out who it will be present. On the corporate party or reception is not necessary to wear a dress above the knee, so as not to cause confusion among such attire or colleagues at dignitaries. But at a birthday party with friends or in a club, you can afford a little more graceful legs and emphasize the opening lap.

The color of dress should also correspond to the kind of event will be scheduled. To communicate with colleagues and superiors at the party, arrange company is better to wear a cocktail dress muted tones. On a holiday with relatives would be appropriate to put on a bright and maybe even a little provocative attire.

In the same way, guided by what the holiday will visit should be chosen and style of dress, and the tissue from which it is sewn. Light and transparent fabrics and deep cuts would be inappropriate at a gala evening in the presence of management, as well and deaf dress of velvet or brocade for friendly gatherings.

Jewelry or accessory should not be much in any case, so as not to burden the essentially simple dress. It will be enough simple headset "plus earrings ring" or "necklace plus bracelet." Despite the fact that the cocktail dress is almost always involves at least a small cut on his chest, it is not necessary to wind the thread around the neck a few pearls or chains of different sizes. To accentuate the neck and chest, you can get a necklace or a thin chain.

The handbag should also be of small size (usually stylists recommend clutch). But shoes with heels can be any height, but for serious measures appropriate to choose closed.

Since the cocktail dress is rarely full skirt you need before you put it, a little practice to wear. We must start with the posture. The back should be straight, shoulders - straightened. But his hands sharply when walking is better not to raise (eg to fix her hair) because the dress can crawl up, revealing that in polite society to show pending.

Also need to sit down gently, holding the little dress at the hips. Sitting should not cross his legs and slightly crossed ankles. Particular attention should be paid to the way in a short dress sit in the car and leave it. In some cases, it will not do without timely filed hands escort.

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