How to Cut Jeans

How to Cut Jeans
 Ripped jeans became popular back in the 80's of last century, along with the style of grunge and still remain quite popular not only in informal circles but also ordinary citizens who want to look modern and stylish. Especially as the leading fashion designers of the world do not get tired to experiment with ragged denim.
 It is worth noting that the change in this way can not all jeans. That the product really looked stylish, but was not a symbol of despair, cut costs and only high quality, it is desirable not totally worn pants. However, you can work out and not the most expensive of old jeans.

Before you take on a pair of scissors (or better - the well-sharpened knife office), you must pick up a crayon or a piece of soap and a rough outline drawing cuts. It should be remembered that the first time carefully cut jeans you most likely will not work: the material is still pretty tight. If you want to simplify the procedure, rub the areas of tissue selected for future self-made deficiencies, pumice, sand paper or a piece of brick.

Jeans should not cut across the width of the legs and only in those places that really wiped (on knees or above). Trousers, torn below the knee, will look at least strange. Can replace sections outline and then cut holes, but also just in the right place.

Very interesting across the entire line of the hip will look like a few sections close to each other (literally at a distance of 1 cm) and one or two. The main thing that they were all about the same distance from the side seams.

Before you start the procedure of turning almost banal jeans product haute couture, consider them, spread out on the table. If the pattern of cuts pattern suits you, take a cutting board, a piece of plywood or cardboard, and tuck in the leg, you're going to remodel. This is necessary in order not to damage the back with a knife toward her.

Cut with a knife jeans you planned lines and remove some of the longitudinal filaments. Then - and pull out several transverse to the edge of the holes a little razlohmatilis. To heighten the effect, you can then scroll through the pants in the washing machine, turning them inside out and placed in a special bag, so they are not damaged permanently, and not spoil the thread mechanism.

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