Elements of folk style of clothing

Elements of folk style of clothing
 Folklore or country-style draws its rich colors and variety of models. For clothes that style is characterized by a free cut and convenience, quality tailoring and the use of natural fabrics. In the 60s hippie spurred public interest in this phenomenon, and still women in different countries with pleasure diluted your everyday wardrobe things in a folk style.  

In addition to the free cut for folk style is characterized by the absence of mini-skirts. Dresses, skirts and sundresses have to be on the floor. Fashion on the element of country style back regularly, and in all the cities in the summer you can see the girls in long skirts and sundresses from natural fabrics, which in the heat becomes a real salvation for city dwellers, tracking trends in clothing.

Another element of the folk style, popular among many girls - embroidered tunics and blouses. Clothing can be decorated with sequins, beads, embroidery thread. Tunics well with leggings and embroidered blouses look great with ordinary trousers or jeans.

In folk style handmade especially appreciated. Therefore, if you want to make in your daily pattern bit of fabulousness, decorate the usual stuff lace or embroidery, sew the hem of the dress braid. In the country-style good fit beads handmade - strung on a long string of small beads that can be wrapped several times around the neck. Will look good solid wooden earrings, Baubles, woven from threads, decoration in oriental style.

Accessories in folk style generally occupy a special place - their incredible array. Proponents of this trend can buy warm shawls and scarves, cotton socks and stockings, capes, muffs, ponchos, bags, bags and pouches. Choose from hats straw hats, berets, knitted hats.

Shoes in the style of the country offers the convenience. Here you will find models with high heels. But in your image fit perfectly braided sandals, clogs of various colors, embroidered, simple low-heeled shoes.

Today rarely see a girl, dressed only in things that can be attributed to the country-style. But any element of this direction will bring into your everyday clothes a little exoticism and will stand out from the crowd.

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