Dress in style of the country

Dress in style of the country
 Settlers colonists who settled on the banks of the future of the United States, became the ancestors of the style of "country" not only in music but also in clothing. Whether it's a dress, jacket or pants - the main features of this dress is the convenience and comfort.
 Dress in the style of "country" should be a comfortable and pleasant body.

Ease of clothing lines, cross-linked in this style, has a special charm - they can even mix and match with the boots "military", though with flirty bright jacket. Tissue have to be breathable - natural linen or cotton. Consider wearing a dress only in the warmer months? You will find a pleasant surprise - today, many fashion designers sew winter version of high quality wool tweed or tartan. Of course, the "style of immigrants" does not involve the use of synthetic fabrics, spandex, silk, velvet or corduroy. Keep this in mind when choosing and buying a suitable model.

The dress can be romantic, but not provocative.

Women who lived in the United States in the nineteenth century, dressed in modest apparel - no wonder this style akin occurred recently on the eco-fashion clothes. Of course, the dress did not look like rags, they were adorned with ruffles, ribbons, handmade embroidery and assemblies. But not deep cleavage, causing cuts and cut to the buttocks on the back.

The fabric used for sewing, often pale, pastel colors.

"Country" is usually sewn dress-up in white or light beige fabric. Especially beautiful milky natural fabrics look great on tanned skin. Usually the bottom of the dress contrasts with the top - her dress can be trimmed edging maroon or chocolate-brown fabric. In fact, sometimes dress floral prints of the same shade. For those who like to dress brightly, there are models of contrasting plaid and patchwork.

The main thing - to choose the right accessories.

The best complement to dress in the style of "country" will be leather sandals, the top of which is decorated with elegant thin straps, preferably soaked in brown and bezhevatyh colors. Pick a bag to match her dress - the perfect pair will make a quality product made of genuine leather, with a minimum of rhinestones and rivets.

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