What kind of clothes to wear, if small breasts

What kind of clothes to wear, if small breasts
 The cult of the female breast appeared for a long time, then many of the fair sex have tried to increase it with the help of plastic surgery. However, does not mean that if you - opponent operational measures, then you will have a lifetime complexes about small breasts.

Solve the problem of small breasts (visually, of course), you can, if properly create a wardrobe.

Firstly, Pick up the correct bra. Typically, holders of a small chest should choose a model with the effect of "push-up". The special design of the subject of women's toilets have pockets into which you can put silicone or foam pads. This bra breasts will visually appear higher, rounded and volume. Bras with 'push-up' are best combined with closed tops or with a V-neck. For more open tops is better to choose a model-balconette. They have a fairly rigid cup and allow more beneficial to emphasize small breasts.

T-shirts and tank tops should be selected with a collar "polo". Products made of elastic fabric must encircle the figure. A cotton and woolen things better to have more free cutting.

Cashmere sweaters must be present in the wardrobe of a woman with small breasts. Especially look good model of light shades.

When choosing a dress is recommended to give preference to models with a high waist or provided for in the design model, a wide belt, which is tied up under the breast. In addition, girls with small breasts should choose clothing with bright large prints.

Shirts must have a collar with a "frill" or ruffles and frills. Since the white color is visually a full figure, in the locker room girls with small breasts must be present blouse white or another light color. To enhance the effect, it is recommended not to button her top two buttons.

Look great on a skinny figure of a woman with a small bust vest. They are recommended to be worn with blouses, turtlenecks or just underwear.

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