The woman behind the wheel: select Closet

 Men who want to give advice to the woman behind the wheel on the choice of shoes or clothes, always abound. Instructor, certainly advise you to drive a car in running shoes, and her husband - not to approach the car impractical in a white coat. But, fortunately, all these wacky tips you can not pay any attention. However, some other still worth listening to!

Shoes for autoracer
The most persistent myth on this topic is this: to drive a car in shoes with heels very uncomfortable. Focusing on it, some girls are sent to the driving lessons in running shoes, and then all life suffer from "smenkoy" changing clothes in the car their stylish stilettos on worn moccasins. But why?

In actual fact, you can drive almost any shoe! Perhaps there are only two exceptions. First - this is shoes or boots with very thin, high and volatile heels. You quickly or break them, or have to keep your feet all the time is a little shed, not resting his heels on the floor. So you get tired very quickly.
The second taboo - it is shoes with thick stiff platform. A few years ago it was very popular, and in some countries even have laws against it sit behind the wheel. The fact that due to the thick and stiff sole foot pedal feels very bad, and it greatly increases the likelihood of accidents.

The rest of the shoes behind the wheel is quite acceptable. In general, experts say, it's not the shoes, and in the car. For example, domestic Masha, which, by the way, most of us, and receives the first driving lessons, heavy clutch, "thoughtful" brake and slow gas. As a result, the gas pedal, which, moreover, is somehow in our cars is very high, it is necessary to press constantly. Therefore, very high heels or flip-flops with a complete lack of it creates a lot of problems. In all cars made much more convenient, located pedal the more "humane" feet do not slide with them, so any problems with the choice of shoes you will not have.

So it all depends on your style and personal preferences. However, some useful tips you could use:
• It is believed that the perfect option for a woman behind the wheel - it does not sneakers and pumps with a fairly soft sole and heel of 3-5 cm.
• When choosing shoes, pay special attention to the heels. And of principle not so much their height, how much resistance. For example, a sufficiently wide and stable heel height of 15 cm which is preferred over tonyusenkaya 5-cm "liqueur glass."
• If you are just starting to drive, before putting on shoes with high heels, try to travel by car more comfortable shoes to "feel" the pedal.
• When choosing shoes for the winter, remember that the boots or shoes with high lacing sometimes compress the leg and broken blood flow, as well as stifle the movement. And the most uncomfortable when shoes are so narrow that the leg near the ankle bends very bad.
• As bad and unsure of your foot will feel the pedals and shoes on a hard stiff sole.
• Buying a car - a good excuse to save on winter boots. Too warm shoes while driving is not only unnecessary, but also dangerous. The fact is that if under normal conditions of feet allocates to 60 g water per day, the oven heat and too warm shoes increase the rate of 2-3.
• For the same reason the winter, when the stove is not working should ride in the shoes made of synthetic materials, in which the foot does not "breathe".
• But buying shoes for the summer, just do not give up easy-open flip-flops. Only selecting them, make sure that the foot of them jumped out, and the sole was not too slippery.
• If you decide to approach the selection of shoes really quite serious, you can look for a special "avtoobuv", which has some marks, for example, Cesare Paciotti, Aldo Brue, Ganfranco Ferre, Alberto Guardiani and some others. Not to say, however, that it has an elegant, because the style closest to moccasins or leather slippers with rubber soles (Americans call them drive-Shuz).

Skirt or pants?
This is another fundamental issue when it comes to women's avtoekipirovke. Of course, no one disputes that in the pants to drive more convenient, especially in jeans. However, this is not a reason to give up driving on feminine style and forget about skirts. The only problem - it is long and narrow skirts. They not only uncomfortable to drive, but also to sit in her elegantly received little one. However, if you were able to sit, the car can be a little lift her skirt and then will not be any inconvenience. A man sitting next to be very happy!
Actually, not so much in skirts uncomfortable to drive, how to sit in and out of her. For example, if you chose the lush and quite a long skirt, then before you sit in the car, it should pick up slightly at the hips, then take a seat, and only then rearranged his feet into the cabin (both at the same time - this is the general rule for women). By the way, all the folds of the skirt need to smooth out before you sit down. To do it then, rising and smoothing them under a is considered bad form.

Heat Do you, girl?
Now let's talk about choosing clothing. Any woman, even the most orthodox fur lover knows that to drive a car in sheepskin coats or coats are not too comfortable. And even if they are long - is virtually impossible. The same applies to the massive coats and jackets. In all this, you feel behind the wheel of an extremely clumsy, and when turned on the stove in a very hot outfit.
Someone solves this problem by saving on buying a fur coat and preferring short jacket or coat relatively easy. By the way, it is very convenient and practical for driving machine quilted jacket classic English-quilt. Unlike sports jackets, it goes well not only trousers, but with any, even the most glamorous skirts and dresses. However, it does not crumple, not bad holds heat and does not restrict movement. Quilt was designed for riding, and therefore ideal for trips on any horses, even iron.

The second option - do not deny yourself the pleasure to wear a fur coat or sheepskin or expensive long coat, but before you get in the car (or already in it) just shoot your precious "skins" and gently fold in the back seat. If it's not too cold, the stove in the car works well, but you are wearing no clothes with bared shoulders, but something warmer - in the car, you will not freeze.
And about hats ... Caps, hats with large fields and especially in the car hoods better not to wear, because they severely limit visibility. Furthermore, when operating in an oven and are still hot.
However, lovers of winter dress too easy and only rely on the stove, and should provide a fallback in case of an unexpected breakdown of the machine. The easiest option - always keep in the trunk of some old warm jacket, hat and plaid. Then you can always not froze, wait for emergency gang, even if were in the 20-degree frost anywhere in the country.

Points Points strife
Sunglasses - it is something without which sit behind the wheel can be very dangerous. And they need at any time of the year. Summer - to save his eyes from the bright sun that shines in the face, and in the winter - to protect themselves from the dazzling white snow. It is advisable to sunglasses for driving constantly lying in the glove compartment of your car. You never know what situation you find yourself, and how the day will change the weather!
Separate issue - the quality and lens coating. Remember that sunglasses - this is on what is not worth saving. And it's not the desire to show off! Just cheap glasses not only distort the correct color, but also cause fatigue and even eye diseases. The best option - if the lenses are made of optical glass and are photochromic, ie change its transmittance depending on the light. They are commonly referred to as "chameleon", and the color of their glasses depends on the brightness of the sun and, even if it is shining. In addition, the glasses should be polarized, ie quenching sun glare on the water, wet and snow.

If you buy "Chameleon", then pay attention to how much darkened glasses. If they are too dark, you can not use them at dusk to prevent blinding headlights of cars traveling to the meeting. Bright did not protect the eyes from the sun. But the question of the color of glass is not so basic, although experts advise not to opt for driving the red and pink glasses. And the best protection from bright sun and blinding snow goggles with green glass.

And on the gloves ...
Professional race car drivers believe that gloves prevent sliding hands on the steering wheel, as well as help to reduce the power grip and reduce fatigue joints. Even in extreme situations, when the wheels hit the car of some obstacle is transmitted to the steering wheel and can knock him, gloves are essential.
However, even if you go to a good urban machine and rides on the highway in a sports car, the gloves still do not interfere. Classic - a traditional road gloves with cut or cut a little "fingers" or slotted at the joints of fingers, and with a lock on the wrist in the form of buttons or Velcro. That's what the gloves that you can buy in the showrooms of leading car brands.

However, a woman can replace this accessory for racers and conventional leather or suede gloves. Preferably only that they are not too tight and not interfere with your fingers to feel the steering wheel.
By the way, all of the above - is not a reason to forget about such useful things in the car, as a set of rubber or cotton gloves "just in case". Well you are wearing their thin sand-colored suede gloves to get under the hood to fill the washer or to open the gas tank cap at the gas station!

Safety, practicality or beauty?
Generally, choosing clothes, shoes and accessories for driving a car, any woman is faced with the fact that it can be difficult to comply with three conditions: beauty, safety and practicality. What should be the main? Well, to sacrifice safety just is not worth! Therefore, everything that binds driving your traffic, prevents the review and distracts from the wardrobe is better avoided. But to sacrifice beauty for the sake of practicality is not worth it. In the end, driving a car - it's fun, not work at the bench. And look at the wheel so you need to feel confident and irresistible.
Love the color white? Feel free to wear a white coat or pants! Just try to be a little neater, more often wash the outside of the machine and clean the inside - and with your white things did not happen.

So what, that due to repeated pressing of the pedal port and shoes ripped off (particularly vulnerable heel and heels)! This is not a reason to forget from your favorite shoes or boots! In fact, many very practical woman, sitting behind the wheel of the winter, refuse suede shoes in favor of more practical leather. After all, during the cold season on the rug underfoot usually accumulate dirt, and then to clean suede shoes is much more difficult. However, if you regularly wash mats - your love with suede shoes will be mutual.

Car under the style or the style of a car?
No man will never come to mind to buy a car in the color of your favorite coat! A woman - come! Sometimes, on the contrary, when some items of clothing matched the color and style of the car. And there's nothing wrong with that! Really stylish girl should be "in the image" and in his own car.

For those who are not confident in their own abilities, stylists offer the following tips:
• With very noticeable machine (eg, convertible or just with expensive cars of bright color) perfectly as expensive and glamorous style: furs, jewelry, designer clothes, saturated colors, lace, velvet. If the jeans - it is only very expensive. And no modestly "pomoechnye" style with things bleklenkih colors and democratic jersey.
• The sports car is combined with a wardrobe in the same style: expensive velor tracksuit, sweatshirts with screaming slogans, huge sunglasses.
• Classic car, whose design is reminiscent of retro clothing requires conservatism and a hint of fashion times our mothers. You can look like a refined aristocratic lady or intellectual, but in your arsenal in any case you should see a few old things vintage.
• Lovers of serious and pathetic "male" machines should adhere to the image confident business woman: expensive suits, restrained colors, classic style and luxury accessories.
• And if you prefer the tiny ladies' pure machine, how to look like you need air and fun: cheerful colors, tiny dresses, small bags and plenty of jewelry.
• If you - a fan of French cars have to comply with their charm and try to become a true Parisian: all very feminine, flowing silhouettes, bows and elegant shoes.
• But the owner is not too pompous and very practical city cars and clothes can afford absolute comfort and convenience: moccasins, jeans and cozy knits - here's what you need.
By the way, if you are with the style has long been recognized, and the cars are only going to buy may want to choose a machine not on the basis of the volume of the engine and interior design, and their preferences in clothing? It certainly is a very feminine!

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