The color of your character. Part I

 Individual colors - a kind of color passport, a set of specific colors or combinations thereof, which gives information about each individual. Just like in nature, it does not remain constant during all life. Perhaps you've noticed that children admire the bright, sometimes garish colors. With age, a desire for a clean, bright colors weakens. With the development of aesthetic taste also change color preferences, develop the ability to distinguish between the more subtle nuances within the pitch. You have to choose your favorite color from the descriptions provided, and then draw conclusions about the traits of your character. Did you call as favorite colors just two colors. In this case it is necessary to combine their characteristics.


Red - the most powerful color that reflects a proactive stance.

The presence of red color in the aura indicate emission energy and aggressiveness of man. However, red color can not only be active and calm calculating. Actions of such a person have a high assembly. Such people often defy fate and face the same resolute opponents, as they are.

People who choose the color red in your clothing, do not usually spend their emotions to anger and aggression. They know how to manage their condition and maintain an optimistic mood.

Red - still the most popular color. It is often mistaken for the symbol of brute force. In fact, red - color is the most controlled. Therefore, choosing the color, you are showing that they are ready to obey the generally accepted conventions and able to perfectly control their actions. If you like the color red, then it is important to apply it. Red embodies qualities such as passion, perseverance, endurance, courage and other qualities of character that give joy to the life and love of adventure. Of these, it is seen that the quality, which are represented in red, are relevant not only to physical and mental but spheres. Therefore, it is clear how all the elements are rarely present in the red one person. Among the fans of the red, you can come across as heroes and their fans, great athletes and temperamental sports fans.

Features red waves make it reflect the individual character brighter than other colors. Therefore, for a more complete study to analyze the nature of shades of red and their importance.


This deep shade of dark red indicates the vitality and strength of its owner. It is both present aspiration and restraint. Sometimes he suggests isolation and gloom. This color has many shades. The richer the color, the better. The predominance of red hues in burgundy indicates a strong fighting spirit, his ability to overcome adversity. If a high proportion of burgundy brown, it speaks about mundane material interests and selfish actions of a man who chooses it.


This color emphasizes the optimism and energy. His chosen people, configured and ready to succeed to achieve their goal. Raspberry reflects the activity on an intellectual level (shows internal intelligence of the person). This shade is also characterized by a loving, affectionate and gentle man. Often this is a frivolous nature, which come in the wake of their desires, but are able to learn from their mistakes and retrieve experience from the past.


Most passionate shade of red. It is the color of contradictions. It can be given as the most peaceful and most malevolent nature. People who choose this color, may suddenly lose his temper, their actions often lack ambition. Speaks of cheerful, but the volatile character. He also suggests strong selfish motives. In love a man more inclined to receive than to give.


Pink - this is the last among the bright shades of red. He points to the love, not just affection and desire to help others. Pink red remains active, but has a gentle nature, which leaves no room for jealousy and malice. Fans pink - really thin and sensitive people with a tender heart. They are easy to offend a careless word or deed, but they are quick to forgive wrongs. The darker shade of pink or closer to pure red, the more it needs a correction of emotional displays. The lighter pink tone - the more love and compassion is ready to show the person who chooses it. Bright colors pink indicate cheerfulness, dull - to darkness and isolation.


This color really motivated people. People with this vibration in your aura proud and independent, they can actively influence others and change the course of events. Orange red energy is always present, but it is more noble and limited sensory manifestations. Its main feature - ambition. The main drawback - the lack of emotional body. People who choose the orange color, tend to gain popularity at any cost and make trust them. If the orange - this is your color, you need to learn how to set limits for their own ambitions. You have to realize that life is appreciated not only the iron logic and intelligence. Need more leniency towards others, to their shortcomings and weaknesses.


This color has undeservedly bad reputation. In fact, he deserves the highest praise as a strong and clear color. While orange shows a tendency Intellect, yellow shows the actual intelligence, mental abilities. It is the color of the sun. In practical terms, yellow means scientific mind, overcoming ignorance. Yellow also shows artistic abilities. If you choose a yellow color as your specifications, then it gives you the wisdom and creativity. Another question - how much you are able to implement them. Many people choose soft golden color and a pale, light colors that suggest caution and shyness. In contrast, a bright yellow indicates a person to winning and self-confident. Dim yellow notes selfish personality, too absorbed introspection, and miss a good opportunity. Worst of all - the yellow-brown, dirty tone. If this color is your response, it's time to recall the other shades of your favorite yellow - generous bright yellow and deep gold. 


This is a gorgeous color of nature and of life itself. People who choose this color, are able to easily adapt to circumstances. They love companionship and tend to take life too easy. In failures he used to blame other people. They can be compassionate and sentimental, that most other perceived as a weakness. Green is the diametric opposite of red. Man this is immutable and constant color as nature itself. It is kept in anger and slow in action. He believes in himself. If the dispute he feels his case, then would not relinquish their positions.

If the green - your color, then you can be too trusting, but the people will love you for open heart and a willingness to come to their aid. Just do not waste power for nothing, and look for these things, great goals.


Emerald - the most fickle shade of green. He raises his ability to adapt to the level of adventures and adventure. People with this powerful vibration possess all the power contained in the red and pure green. Emerald color also gives a penchant for sentimentality and compassion.


This is a weak, dull tone, avoiding controversial issues, seeking excuses for inaction. This natural color is too passive to help the person who chooses it.


Compared with the previous, this color has a successful features. His promising and pleasant vibration gives compassion and deep emotional understanding. It may be too sentimental and sensitive.

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