Swimsuit - the main choice of summer

Swimsuit - the main choice of summer
 One of the most important things in a woman's summer wardrobe - a swimsuit. And it must be matched not only with the fleeting fashion trends, but also in accordance with the characteristics of the female figure, age, hair color and skin.
 Almost a year has to hide her body from prying eyes under warm clothing. Blouses, sweaters, jeans ... How do you want to throw them and lean on the bright summer sun! But to look at this attractive, you will need to buy a quality suitable for you and swimsuit.

So, first of all, you need to answer the question of what determines the quality of bathing suit. Largely on the tissue from which it is sewed. Choose quality swimwear from modern fibers that do not shed, dries quickly and perfectly fitting shape. It is very important and quality of tailoring. Carefully inspect all seams: the point of contact with the tissue of thread should not be visible holes. Otherwise, you risk to buy something that will spread through the week.

It is equally important to respect the rules for choosing a swimsuit, or even the most quality product will look on you unattractive. Looking for the right style, necessarily take into account features of the figure. If your forms are not enough pomp, you can correct the situation with horizontal stripes, large patterns and models strapless. But the chubby ladies suit swimwear plain, with clear vertical guides. By the way, unwanted wrinkles on the abdomen perfectly hide panties, shorts and sports type usual shorts with high waist. Fit "donuts" and continuous closed swimsuits.

Great importance in the selection of the swimsuit has a shape and size of the breast. If you are the owner of the chic bust, play it safe and choose swimwear with "cups" that securely retain your treasure. Women are also more modest volumes suit swimwear with drawstrings at the chest, roses and large excesses.

If you are faced with the goal to hide too broad shoulders, buy a swimsuit with strings on the neck or asymmetric cut with a single straps.

As for the color leotard, you should not choose bright colors for blondes, brunettes and burdening your image dark models. Little contrast in this respect is always welcome. The same can be said about the degree of tanning your skin. Although, let's not deny black just magically combined with chocolate tan. But on the bright swimwear will of its owner look a little vulgar.

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