Romantic style in clothes

Romantic style in clothes
 If you are dreamy and melancholic, sensitive and sentimental love melodic and gentle aromas, think of yourself as weak and defenseless, most likely, and the style of dress you prefer a gentle and elegant, in a word - romantic.
 Romanticism - a trend emerged in the culture and architecture, literature and painting at the end of the XVIII century. Emotion, inspiration, natural - that was inherent in this direction then. And now the romantic style once again became one of the most popular - now in vogue. On fashionable skirts you can see ruffles, color clothes emphasize the softness and femininity, and silhouette - petite. In short, romantic style - this is what adorns the modern woman.

Dresses, skirts, blouses (namely those things chosen by those who prefer romantic style) are made of flowing fabrics, which have the ability to gently drape. Transparent chiffon, silk, fine wool, soft knits, lace, embroidery - that is chosen for its models and designers. At the same colors - the most tender, without screaming and bright colors: blue gentle, nice pink. If you decide to choose a pattern, then it must be either flowers or polka dots, or other inconspicuous ornaments.

Romantic style inherent elements of a cut that will give the image of vulnerability and tenderness - various ruffles, ruffles, bows, lace inserts. Do not forget also about the details that make your dress will look feminine: draping at the waist or chest, skirts, graceful neck.

Choosing for themselves the romantic style, do not forget that everything in your way to be in harmony and be combined: elegant dresses to suit pumps with a narrowed nose-heeled stilettos or a drink. As an accessory can be a hat with a brim and bows (or colors), gloves, all kinds of scarves & shawls, capes and stoles. Do not forget about jewelry: this style will suit small brooches and earrings made of silver or nickel silver, bracelets or thin delicate beads. Bags should also be carefully selected - hardly with flowing dresses of satin fabric will be combined hobo bag, and with a chiffon blouse - Bag backpack. Choose feminine clutch bentel or, in extreme cases - just a small bag, embroidered or with exquisite applications.

Today, designers of many fashion houses have chosen for their collections romantic style: you will find elegant dresses and blouses with ruffles on shows such world famous brands such as Roberto Cavalli and Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Nina Ricci, Moschino and Stella McCartney. And if you prefer to dress femininity and softness, then most likely you choose a romantic style.

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