How to choose a wedding dress

How to choose a wedding dress
 For most brides buy wedding dress is the main task in preparation for the celebration. Wedding - a celebration of the lovers, the views guests will be glued to the young, so the bride should look perfect, like a real princess at the ball.
 In modern bridal salons offers dresses for every taste: classic curvy dress with a train and corset dresses in retro style, bold short models, Greek wedding dresses and gowns, stylized antique with fine hand embroidery and lace.

But even the most luxurious of bride dress will make a princess, on the condition that it will be perfect to sit on the figure of the girl, and the color and trim dress emphasize her personal style and character.

Every bride should know exactly the type of the figure, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of appearance. The main types of female figures, "hourglass", "Rectangle", "apple", "Inverted Triangle" and "Pear".

The figure "apple" differs lush volume and the presence of the abdomen. Do these girls do not usually clearly defined waist, hips rather narrow and rather slender legs. The main task for the bride - visually lengthen the way, so they are ideal dresses in the Greek style, and with bared shoulders, and loosely falling cloth hides the tummy. Dress in the style of "Empire" is also excellent fit and pregnant brides.

If your figure is similar to the upside down triangle, it is necessary to choose a wedding dress that will not attract undue attention to the shoulder girdle. Divert attention from the problem of the original figures will skirt. It should be a highlight of your wedding toilet. Let the waves flowing skirt along the hips and bottom of the dress is decorated with drapery and original cuts.

The girls - owners such as pear shapes are usually narrow shoulders, small breasts, but very impressive womanly hips. They are encouraged to choose a form-fitting wedding dress with V-neckline and corset colors. The skirt should not be too fluffy, not much to focus on overly rounded hips. Emphasize the slender waist will help gold or silver embroidery on the bodice of the dress.

Distinctive features of a figure such as a rectangle - shoulders and hips the same width, slightly marked waist, hips straight and small breasts. The main task - to make the bride more feminine figure. Ideal straight dresses, princess silhouette and curvy dresses with elegant decorative details on the corset.

If the curves of the female figure is visually similar to the hourglass, you should note its dignity. Corset even more emphasize the natural features of the figure of the bride. The dress itself should be in moderation fitting and deep neckline profitable emphasize a beautiful chest.

Another important point is the color and material of the sewn clothes. Basically sew wedding dresses made of satin, silk, taffeta, brocade and chiffon. As for color, the choice is very wide: from white dresses to dress tenderly pink and blue hues. Here, the bride should be guided by their own preferences and appearance attire.

When choosing a dress, but personal taste and the features of a figure, also pay attention to the financial side of the issue. After all, the wedding dress and accessories to it - it is a very large pre-wedding waste. The way out of the difficult financial situation could be buying the dress, Used, or wedding dress for hire.

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