Glamor, glitter, beauty: outfit for New Year's ball

Glamor, glitter, beauty: outfit for New Year's ball
 In a fabulous New Year's Eve just need to outfit was luminous and sparkling. Otherwise, how can outshine shine lights on the Christmas tree, a myriad sparks sparklers and fireworks and become a star of the ball. Forgotten sequins, glitter and rhinestones will stand in this case in good stead.
 Outfit for New Year's ball - a topic that girls can not discuss one day or even a month before the main party of the year. Night New Year allows such excesses as a combination of sequins and rhinestones and sequins can be easily combined with the dress of shimmering silk.

Dress for the ball can be a low-cut and closed, as long as it shone and sparkled. Create such an effect will help glitter or sequins. These tiny sparkling circles can be decorated with all the dress and decorated with some details. Evening dress to the floor, decorated with sequins along the edge of the neckline and decorated with shiny bow or a belt at the waist will look very impressive. The same can be said of the little black dress, the fabric which will flash a myriad of tiny sparkles.

Ladies, whose understanding of sequins are something vulgar, can offer dresses, trimmed with Swarovski crystals. At this point no one can say that the outfit looks simple and cheap. Only rhinestones better to choose a more "heavy" fabric, such as velvet or satin species on solid basis.

By the way, velvet promises to be very relevant New Year's trend. Dress to the floor of dark blue and black velvet, maroon velvet overalls and even three-piece suits - are ideal for the New Year. The main thing that a toilet made of this fabric was laconic style and not overloaded with details.

With brilliant, literally and figuratively dresses is not superfluous to use the same sparkling accessories. Handbags and shoes with sequins - favorite Christmas ball. In order to surprise the audience with something unusual, you can wear shoes without a heel at all, all trimmed with sequins and the same handbag on a long handle.

Shoes, bags and belts with rhinestones best suited to weightless dresses of chiffon and organza. They set off the lightness and toilet on the background will look very advantageous.

Well, of course, has not been canceled hat with a veil. Decorate hats sequins get an interesting piece evening dress. You can even sprinkle a little cosmetic gloss on the cloth cap and veil on the edge embroider sequins. That's just so charming to wear dresses best short dresses with light so as not to overload the picture. Long dresses can be combined with gloves with rhinestones. Will effectively and elegantly.

Iridescent dresses will help you not to get lost on the most important party of the coming year. After all, look brilliant on New Year's ball, it means - to be irresistible all year round.

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