Clothing for striptease

Clothing for striptease
 Striptease - special direction in dance, outstanding special sexuality and emancipation. Dancer to seduce the viewer is not enough to move skillfully and be plastic. The effect of the performance largely determines the image that creates a girl on stage.

So, you choose your own clothes for the strip. You're in luck with the figure, height and build. And if luck is not around, something you can fix. But the correction will take a long time. While the suit you choose now. It should be realistic and match outfit based on the fact that you now have.

An important indicator - growth. When choosing shoes, carefully consider whether you want to look taller? If you have low growth, from the height of the heel is better not to overdo it. This may badly affect the proportions of your body and spoil the look. High heels are recommended for those who have a long torso, but short legs. Height is not a decisive role.

But if you have long legs and vice versa short torso, it is best to wear sandals, they will make your look more elegant. Sometimes you can dance barefoot.

There is a misconception that there is a magical type of shape that is perfect for erotic dancing. And the happy owner of such a figure can choose their clothes for any striptease. In fact, for many types of striptease suitable shapes, everything depends on the proper choice attire.

Distinctive features of this figure: slim waist, larger than average breasts and hips with long shapely legs. Here the first error in the choice of attire - volume parts and elements in the chest area. Lace, frills, feathers and boas. But all these things are good in the case of small breasts. But if you have a large bust and really want something to volume, it is best to use these details at the edges of clothing.

Important is the choice of fabric for suit. Air and light fabrics used slim or skinny women. While stretch or skinny, heavy materials are selected holders lush forms. Heavy material makes the figure more erotic.

Which outfit would you choose, do not forget about the general strict rules:

1) The dress should be sexy
2) It would not hamper your movements
3) you have to take it off easily
4) fabric must be strong and not to interfere with the work on a pole
5) is welcomed if it will glow in the ultraviolet

Each dancer has his own style, and all the costumes to reflect her personality.

In conclusion, we note another important element - panties. Thong or little shorts, it's your choice. But any model of the fabric must be strong and supple. As well as durable.

When choosing a costume give preference to high-quality things, only they will be able to profitably and intelligently emphasize your sexuality and give the viewer a spicy attitude.

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