Women's coats: fashionable, warm, practical

Women's coats: fashionable, warm, practical
 The luxurious fur coat below the knee or even the floor women always look elegant. But do not think that the intermediate length fur coats from waist to mid-thigh in a simple manner. On the contrary, shortened product can combine robe with different things, and an infinite number of styles and colors coats will please even the most demanding fashionistas.

Trendy stylish image with sheepskin

Coats are more susceptible to the influence of fashion, rather than a long fur outerwear. It is understandable - manufacturers are not always willing to make experiments, when it comes to large consumption of expensive material. But in the case of sheepskin coats they knowingly risk and are used not only popular traditional materials such as mink or mutton, but also offer fur raccoon, fox, fox modern processing.

At the same styles of jackets are very diverse - this is form-fitting, flared, skinny silhouettes, short coat-cylinders, with the smell or English collar, so for each figure and age for the latest and stylish option. Color fur coats are also different - from traditional subsistence to screaming acid colors.

If an ordinary coat sleeve three-quarters do not always look appropriate in a case with sheepskin product looks harmonious and holistic. This also applies to the open neck area with a lapel or a decorative fastener on the pin.

Heat: choose fur

For Siberian frosts, of course, coats are not suitable winter clothing, but for middle latitudes is a great option. Any fur perfectly retains heat when the air temperature to -25 ° C, and even a little lower, and more extreme cold in Russia to the Urals rarity.

Warmest fur products are made of fox fur, sable and sheepskin. But the popular polar fox and mink inferior and chinchilla.

As for the lower part of the body, most coats are perfectly combined with long woolen skirts trapezoidal shape. And this style hides and warm tights, and a dowry from my grandmother's trunk as Gamache.

Practical: coat for an active life

Benefits truncated before long coats outerwear fur obvious. Firstly, it's easy and lighter weight products. In short upper garment, does not restrict movement, pleasant walk. Secondly, the hem of her long fur is exposed to reagents used during the ice. Particles fall on him with a shoe, and fur already after one season can not be restored. Third, in a long fur coat uncomfortable to drive, and avtoledi of all ages enjoy the comfort and practicality of coats. Those who use public transport, do not have to worry that someone accidentally stepped on the hem when coming off the bus or trolley. And, fourth, the coat can be worn not only in winter, but in the off-season, just do not fasten it.

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