Wide trousers: what to wear and how

Wide trousers: what to wear and how
 Slacks classic style and loose pants in ethnic style will become a great alternative to the newly entered into the fashion long skirts. Such clothing is practical and versatile, but that she looked a winner on your figure, you must consider several important factors.
 Wide trousers are suitable for almost any figure. Although, of course, the most advantageous models look similar to tall and slender women, but the rest of it will help hide minor flaws: remove the stomach, disguise full hips, make more slender silhouette.

Putting slacks, it is important to remember that the best they look with tight-fitting top. If voluminous trousers worn with loose sweaters, tunics trapezoidal, blouses with lots of frills or puffed sleeves, you can create too bulky silhouette. Therefore, the wide trousers models best suited form-fitting blouses volumetric details, simple tight tops and all kinds of turtlenecks. With flared trousers dark color perfectly match the bright "male" shirts and jackets strict English cut.

Wide trousers with a high waist slim ladies are recommended. This style perfectly underlines the feminine curves and shapes best combined with short blouses, tight-fitting shape and body-turtleneck. This outfit can be extended or shortened bolero jacket.

Popular in recent Afghani and Indian trousers will be a good choice for a summer stroll through the city or a trip to the resort. These pants can be worn with tunics in ethnic style, knitted shirts and cropped tops, leaves open the abdomen. Shoes is best to choose low heels or no heels.

Accessories for loose trousers must be chosen carefully. Extremely bright and big jewelry can make an image of the vulgar. By slacks business style perfect subtle and elegant decoration and classic handbag. For ethnic and summer models can recommend simple jewelry made of wood or plastic and textile bags, sacks.

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