What is elegance?

What is elegance?
 At all times, in the world there is such a thing as elegance. At different times in this proposition invested a different meaning. Elegant could call a man, beautifully and tastefully dressed, or might apply this concept to the person possessing refined manners and knows how to beautifully expressed. What does include the concept of elegance in our time?

Most often under the elegance imply different trends in the fashion industry. In this case, great importance is given to a combination of various items of clothing, such as clothing, shoes or hats directly to the person who wears them, his hair, gait, and so on. D. Features of the human figure are taken into account in the first place. Can hardly be called an elegant woman, does not have a slender figure and is dressed in skin-tight outfit pretty bold style. Elegance, or as it is often called, sense of style, largely depends on the sense of fashion, coupled with the presence of taste.

In order to look elegant and harmonious, you must find your own style, suitable for all parameters. Do not forget that the outfit is great looking at the other person, you can not come. Choosing the outfit, you need to consider age. Young people look great things or accessories made from synthetic materials. Adults are people should choose for your wardrobe items of higher quality, made from natural and expensive fabrics. Thus it is necessary to focus on the cut of the selected items. An adult would look ridiculous in colorful shorts or frivolous shirt.

One of the main secrets of elegance lies in the fact that things were worn not only fashionable, but also comfortable. A man must feel as comfortable as possible in the selected suit. At the same outfit as little as possible should remind yourself. Often, people in the pursuit of fashionable novelties forget that not all the outfits shown on the catwalk can be worn in everyday life.

Choosing a dress, special attention should be paid to the attendant details. Shoes, hats, gloves and even hours must comply with the basic direction in clothing. Often considered a sign of elegance along successfully applied to small accessory. Handkerchief peeking out of his pocket half a man's suit, or a flower, inserted in a buttonhole, cabinets - all of which can emphasize sophistication vestments. Horse riding elegance will be considered finished image, including a harmoniously combining items, so as not to seem as if something is missing or vice versa, there is something extra. If there are problems in the selection of accessories, it is best to give them up, in this case, minimalism can be the best choice.

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