Vintage style: luxury and romance

Vintage style: luxury and romance
 Vintage style was in vogue for many more decades ago, but because it is difficult to follow the call of modern trend. Partly use things created over 20 years ago, due to the desire to escape into the past, to plunge into a particular era, temporarily forget about the present.
 Vintage - romantic style. It allows you to choose the most interesting time and recreate the image of a man who could live many years ago. Admirer of vintage style can "return" at the time when I started my way to fame legendary Fab Four, while blues, decadence, jazz, hippie, in those days, when acted in films a young Marilyn Monroe. In fact, at the disposal of amateurs "old style" of the past century with the exception of the 90s, the clothes which can not be considered vintage.

Keep in mind that the clothes in vintage style - the clothes with history. It is not enough just to wear the dress that you inherited from her grandmother, one must also be able to supplement your image suitable shoes, hairstyles, accessories, and even perfume. Moreover, ideally, should be imbued with the spirit of the age. It is necessary to know not only the particular mode selected time, but all the great events and cultural life of various years.

Vintage is not only romantic, but also luxurious. Some people mistakenly believe if to create an image in this style is enough to find any old clothes, but it is actually quite different. Firstly, all of the items of clothing and accessories must be of the same time and be in good condition. Secondly, you can not use all things, but only those that were really popular. Preference is given to the works of famous fashion designers of the past, and they are not easy to acquire. However, even a more modest set of clothes, shoes and accessories related to the same time and perfectly preserved, it can be difficult to acquire. Of course, the cost of such things is quite high.

At the same time luxurious vintage image due to its exclusivity. Using things pertaining to this style, you can be sure that you meet a girl, dressed in the same way. Moreover, clothing, accessories, hairstyle and makeup, tasteful and aged in vintage style, make your image more attractive, original and interesting.

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