From what to wear leggings

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Leggings or stockings without feet, of wool or jersey moved into everyday life from the wardrobe of athletes and travelers. In spats warm and cozy, they can be worn with skirts, dresses or shorts, with the image may drastically change.
Have fun wearing short skirts and dresses in cold weather and do not freeze at the same time - it is a merit of visiting women's locker room these comfortable and warm accessories. You can wear leggings directly over shoes, pull up above the knee or leave lying soft folds at the ankles - it all depends on your mood and the chosen model dress. Dress must also be a certain style and style - the best look with leggings free models, straight cut, with a large patch pockets and collar.

Leggings can be part of an ensemble of winter - thick patterned or solid-color tights, sweater stretched wide to mid-thigh, leggings, boots on the rough tractor soles and warm coat in the style of casual. Knitted dress and leggings look as if they are two parts of one whole - choose colors, type of binding, thin scarf around the neck, comfortable boots and your image will be a little romantic, a little classic and very distinctive. Tunics - another element of the wardrobe, which combine with leggings profitable and practical. Even made of light fabric, but with a fur vest worn over or a jumper, tunic with leggings will look harmonious and interesting.

Skirts and leggings look cute and attractive - dressing so you need to be sure your flawless figure and competent combination of selected parts. Skirts better to choose flared in the crease or straight, but not too tight - fit model tweed, denim, corduroy, that is dense and interesting fabrics.

Leggings and pants - there should be careful. Win-win situation - shorts, bermudas, capris and breeches, the length of which allows you to wear leggings and lubricate style. If you want Packaged with leggings usual jeans or trousers, then choose only fitting models that will look on your feet like a second skin. Large trousers and classic tailoring with leggings combine will not work.

Selection of shoes at great leggings - boots, ankle boots, boots, high heels, open sandals, platform or wedge. Just watch out for the overall impression of your attire, trust your taste and intuition.