Ethnic Clothing: Yesterday and Today

Ethnic Clothing: Yesterday and Today
 For many designers aesthetics of folk costume has provided fertile ground that allowed them to develop creatively. This ability to break conventions associated with a way of seeing, not with a commitment to any particular ethnic style. So what is the ethnic clothing?

Etnostil based on borrowing ways to cut, clothing items, decorative items from one or more people. The main motto etnostiley - harmony with nature, so to create garments using only natural materials: cotton, linen, silk, wool fabrics. Accessories are made of wood, leather, straw and so on.

The heyday of clothes in ethnic style came in the 60s and 70s of the last century, in such outfits dressed hippies who were supporters of this style, thus protesting against the monotony of everyday life and mass patterns. They started wearing clothes cut free, no snare: long skirts, tunics, scarves, Indian saris and Indian moccasins. Inspiration for flower children turned to Indian culture, Gypsies, Moroccans, Indians.

In the world of high fashion collections created first in ethnic style Yves Saint Laurent. Favorite motifs designer outfits were ancient China, Africa, Peru, Morocco. For his collection of African master used cheap materials: straw, glass and wooden accessories, linen. Destruct air Indian outfits. In his collection of Chinese Laurent joined together, seemingly incongruous colors: yellow and purple, pink and orange. However, the most beautiful, the words of the designer, was his Russian collection, which has spawned a fashion for all Russian in Europe.

In the 1990s and the beginning of the new millennium, ethnic style was one of the most powerful influences in fashion. Designers such as Christian Lacroix, John Galliano, Kenzo, Vivienne Tam and many others got their inspiration from various countries of Asia, Africa, the northern peoples and American Indians and created a colorful, syncretic style. They also found a source of ethnic fashion in the West, for example, in the folk traditions of the Northern and Eastern Europe. Fantasy elements are strong in ethnic fashion, even when they are based on detailed research, design always looks so modern.

Currently, the ethnic style of dress has won a leading position in the world of high fashion because of its diversity, naturalness and brightness. Proponents of this style became creative people living in harmony with the world and himself, not afraid to express their individuality and share the mood.

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