Best of the same. Student Fashion

 When you become a student receiving a ticket in this adult life, besides the entrance must pass one more exam. And this is the style of the exam - you have to decide what to wear in order to match its academic swamp.  

Students - a unique environment, besides aggressive, if not enter it correctly. Either have to go with the flow, corresponding to the general appearance, or choose its own path, which, of course, more complicated. The trick is to keep your balance, without departing from the general trend, but at the same time manage to not lose their individuality.

Students always distinguished similarity to each other and unlike all the others. In the crowd of female students in line for Ladder I felt ciliate-shoes. Hairpins, belts, dresses, jeans, boots - that's our gear from the same stores.

General habitat bearing fruit. We have the same criteria of attractiveness, which is not surprising, we focus on ourselves. But when the students come into the world, even just for a walk, they differ from the rest of the inhabitants of the city.

Personal view of what things to say "yes", and what color - "no," comes gradually. This process begins at school, but only becoming a student, a former prisoner gets school walls freedom and willing to act.

Firstly, I want to bring my "I" bright and unusual. And secondly, everybody does. And not once a student thinks, whether it be nice, what he wears. First of all, it is the desire to be like everyone else. Rather, even the best of the same. To please themselves and each other, the students are ready to deal.

As a child, we had "Funny pictures". Now, we are guided by images of high fashion. Lord students sometimes take advice to heart. Girly magazines, guides through the labyrinth of fashion call for individuality, completely denying it.

But students have freedom, ideas, a fresh perspective - and they all enjoyed it, refusing hard limits. You can do what you want, choose what you like - do not go wrong. Mistakes are forgiven, as a youth to err in the learning process.

Most often it is a student, we are looking for your style, combine incongruous, retro interfere with today's trends, the cage with the bar - and nothing terrible happens. For the benefit of all.

Bold experiments threaten the attention of others, and not always positive. But gradually a sense of personal style. For example, becomes a girl with long bangs, in a green coat and red shoes. And it looks great, if it's really close, and his own.

In my opinion, a talent - combine grandmother's dress (which is three times older than you) with boots my mother's youth, and beads to yesterday's sell-off, and not to interrogate a girlfriend, where she produced a jacket, and go in search of the same.

Best of the same. Student Fashion

Student fashion depends on the student's idols. This may well be a few guys with skinny sticking out in all directions hair, black nails and summed eyes or a girl in a short skirt and white tights. Who better luck looking at what time to be a student.

The first and second courses all just boys and girls, shoes and hats, naive view and a lot of makeup. The older, the more difficult. Changing costumes, dresses, habitat, communication style. Diploma - this is the genius of adults with established view of the world. And that was the beginning? Conceptual jeans and wild makeup. But we've got to start somewhere.

One way or another, but will have to choose. It was during his student years, man makes his first steps in the fashion world, where so eager to emphasize their uniqueness. Style for the student - is the first step on the way to a great life. Start of freedom that you want to save, that is, be yourself and not someone else.