Autumn wedding style

Autumn wedding style
 Bride beautiful at any time of the year, but autumn wedding style has its own special charm. At the disposal of the bride selected for the main celebration of his life golden months of the year, is the variety of colors, shades and materials. However, we must not forget about the vagaries of the pores and to take care of a warm cloak, suitable for addition.
 Autumn - a good time for a wedding celebration. Charge the natural vitamins and energy summer warm sun, autumn bride looks fresh and beautiful. Over the summer, she postroynela, tanned and rested and ready to appear in all its glory on the most important holidays of your life.

One of the most important attributes of a wedding dress the bride. Traditionally, many women prefer white outfits, but in the autumn more suitable warm shades: cream, beige, peach, dark pink or ivory. The color palette this time of year is very rich and expressive, would be to use it as in their way, and in the design of the holiday. Fashion and style dress can be any thing to remember about the possibility of cooling and provide a warm cloak or coat.

Very important is the choice of material for a wedding dress. For early autumn suit silk, satin, satin and chiffon, for later and cold - brocade, velvet and even fine wool. Should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these tissues, and their relevance to the selected style. For example, the atlas quickly crumpled, but great for dress with a train. Silk - moody stuff that requires a perfect fit on the figure. Brocade and velvet - heavier compared to the summer fabrics, but perfect for a vintage attire. For example, the dress of gold brocade, like a Hollywood film star 40s, will not soon forget.

As capes can be used bolero, shawl, stole, cape, poncho, coat and so on. Thus, before the autumn bride opens a sea of ​​opportunities for the creation of the original image. A good addition to the dress will be gold jewelery with precious stones or jewelery. Effectively will look a few medium-sized strings of pearls around the neck and decorative barrettes in her hair. Equally important for a complete image of the bride has a bouquet of autumn. Traditionally used for its creation gerberas, asters, dahlias and chrysanthemums.

Dress for autumn wedding is better to buy in advance, in the summer or even spring. By September wedding shops significantly reduced range, and the new collection has not yet come.

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