10 unusual things in the wardrobe girl

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 Every girl wants to be stylish and fashionable, but it means that in the locker room should be not only necessary, basic things, but also original, amazing for your men and others. What unusual accessories and clothing you can have in order to attract attention?

Reconsider wardrobe carefully and check whether there are unusual things? If you typed a dozen design models, you can rightly be called fashionistas. Those with more modest arsenal, do not despair: the skillful combination of exclusive things with base can also work wonders.

Rarely do without any fashionista bag. If you are extravagant, you will certainly buy a copy of the unusual. We fashionistas popular transparent models, bags in the form of a guitar, with legs spread-eagled toad-like or favorite pets - cats and dogs.

The new invention designers - reticule in the form of a human head. Looks somewhat bloodthirsty, as if you are holding the hands of the defeated enemy scalp.

Most Popular Now ornaments hand-made. Such jewelry can be performed in a completely different styles and with the latest fashion trends.

The thing that attracts attention and makes its possessor the most feminine - corset. In it you will feel sexy and charming, able to create different images. Corset can be combined with different clothes - skirts, trousers, underwear. If you want to be the star of the party, this little thing for you.

Not only fashionable, but also comfortable pants breeches capris. Free or wide at the hips, length just above or below the knee, different models will be pleased with its possessor. Sport models can easily be worn with sneakers and shoes suitable for classic heels or Lofer.

Stylish look on his feet knitted boots. Nicely and creatively. Wearing such shoes, you can attract a lot of views.

Wide patent leather belt or in the form of gum will be indispensable in order to narrow dress, emphasize the waist or hips to focus on. A great accessory for the girl who wants to look sexy.

A shorter jacket sleeveless leather provide its owner among all others. Such clothing you add spice and courage in the image.

Extra Long Gloves make a girl romantic, especially if you combine them with a light scarf, Draped. Fashionably also wear scarves or arafatki that also distinguish you from the crowd.

Good original accessory - glasses, especially large sizes. Model "pilot" or "dragonfly" in thin frame like most skillful fashionistas and make you a mysterious and fun.

Adding to your image unusual thing or accessory, the main thing - do not overdo it. If you already have a massive necklaces, earrings then be superfluous. You have to be careful with the color scheme. Otherwise, two extravagant things, can not be combined with each other can look ridiculous. Properly combining basic clothing, trends and exclusive, you'll look stunning and stylish.

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