Your type of aging

Your type of aging
 It is believed that stepping abroad in 30 years, man has the face he deserves. Merit consists not only of the life style, but also the type of aging requires special care. Find out your type of aging and start taking care of your appearance now.

Holders of perfect skin in his youth, where unknown problems with acne and greasy coating is likely to have a dry skin type. Aging, dry skin is covered with a so-called cobweb, which at first is not very visible on his face. Then become apparent wrinkles near the eyes, mouth and forehead. People with this type of aging after 23 years worth of use moisturizer day and at night - nutritious. If time does not begin to care for dry skin, similar age-related changes have nothing to fix.

Gravity type of aging is characterized by the fact that some areas of skin simply droop. Often, such a change in the skin caused by the problem of internal organs work - namely, liver and kidneys. Such a person regularly swells, especially in the mornings and evenings. Holders of gravity of aging, first, it is necessary to establish the liver and kidneys, and try not to drink during the day salt, beer and other liquids in large quantities. Secondly, it is recommended to do cosmetic mask on the face with seaweed extracts, and perform classic facial massage and sleep 7 to 9 hours a day.

Full face with features of childishness, age in unexpected ways. For a long time this person has a nice plump appearance, and then bypassing the stage of maturation, aging rapidly. This is due to the fact that such a person has enough fat, which pulls the skin of the gravitational type. Thus, changing the shape of the face and it leaves an impression of aged. In this case, you must strictly follow the weight as dramatic weight loss can cause sagging skin, as well as to avoid swelling.

Persons who have special mobility, aging as well in a special way. Developed muscular frame, of course, it's a good thing, but there are adverse side - pulling for a skin areas, stretch their muscles much faster. The first will allocate part of the lower jaw and forehead. So important for people to watch your facial expressions, trying to thereby reduce the tone of the muscles of the face. Help slow the aging Botox injections and courses electrophoresis with soft relaxing drugs.

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