This insidious heels

This insidious heels
 Hairpin, Vienna, bar, wedge, platform ... All of this - of His Majesty the high heels. He serves so many years female legs to make it look attractive. However, it is not necessary to bring the beauty of too great sacrifices. Sinister heels can not only cause considerable damage to health, but also bring the most damage to the beauty.  

The woman who wears shoes with heels increased risks remain forever their victim. When walking in the "Stilts" changing center of gravity and fashionista leans back - the only way she can keep balance. Over time, the gait is set, and shoes with a low heel seems uncomfortable.

High heel shifts the pelvic bones and curvature of the spine. Sinister heels spoils the beauty of clusters of legs veins and deformed feet. Appear painful corns, feet start to swell and get tired very quickly. Some lovers of high heels even develop arthritis of the knee. This means that each output in fashionable shoes becomes for them a severe test.

Foot gets the most insidious of the heel. The whole weight of the body take on the toes, heel and tendon atrophy. Arch of the foot is lowered, and here it is - common among the beauties flat. Women in high heels is more common so-called cross-flat: between the foot bones and phalanges diverge, and the bone of the thumb begins ugly bulge. No shoes are not fully hide the deformed shape of the foot.

High heels are not recommended especially the ladies with a solid weight; women who by virtue of their profession are long on his feet. And - in any case - you can not walk on them expectant mothers, whose feet are exposed to high load. In addition, high heels exacerbate any problems with the spine and leg disease.

What - absolutely refuse to heel? Not at all, our feet a little heel even necessary. If you constantly walk on a flat sole, the foot does not receive the necessary support. And again - flat feet, pain in the spine ... And it is beautiful to look at loafers or sneakers can be only a small graceful legs.

Only one way out - to choose a constant socks shoes with sturdy heel height of not more than 5 cm. This shoe is good with the toe of your foot to the normal form, and the top model is to seal around the ankle. Help various laces and straps.

Incidentally, in the season of spring-summer 2011 shoes with various straps are extremely important. The best material for shoes is still considered a good tanning leather: leather footwear foot well "breathes" and the material deftly follows the shape of the foot.

But what about the treacherous high heels? Elegant shoes with increased heel appropriate for a romantic date on any festive evening. Having learned easily and gracefully walk in these shoes, you will be in the spotlight.

Houses give legs needed rest. Make a warm bath and gently massage your feet. Thereafter, lubricate them with cream for the feet. Prepare the morning more practical shoes and shoes with high heels can wait until next time. Of course, they will always have a place of honor in the wardrobe of a beautiful woman.

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