Manager syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment

Manager syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment
 If you work more than ten hours a day, sound an alarm, because hanging over you is a real threat. Name it - manager syndrome. From this disease has affected not only managers, but also ordinary workers who are on stressoopasnogo positions. But the treatment of the syndrome manager - not such a difficult task.
 Susceptible to the disease category of people whose age is between thirty and forty-five years. Catch the moment when love turns to work in an unhealthy relationship, is not always possible.

 From the point of view of experts, manager syndrome, a kind of escape from the real issues. Permanent seat in the office could mean that the person does not want to go home, because there waiting for him everyday problems or family scandals. Manager syndrome may be caused by the desire to earn more or be a valuable employee among the "srednyachkov" of the firm. Primarily syndrome - a complex mental disorder. It occurs against the backdrop of changes in the brain.

Often people with this disease is so immersed in the work that they see no further reason for its existence. They feel that their calling to do more work, and it does not leave time for yourself. Forgetting the usual joy and enthusiasm, patients fall into a deep depression, which is difficult to cure.
 Planning of the working day begins with a desire to load himself with the affairs to the maximum instead of all clear plan and not to take unnecessary strain. Because we all know - the speed of the detrimental effect on the result.

 Treat manager syndrome possible. This is best done through new hobbies person. In addition to work there are a beautiful world. At the weekend, you can not just fall down on the couch, and go to the park or a movie. If the disease deals specifically with you, remember that you are interested in before, and devote more time to his passion. It does not matter whether your hobby active or passive. You must get pleasure from it only to gain vitality and creative ideas.

However, this treatment can help only at an early stage manager syndrome. If the state developed into chronic fatigue, plus it added physical discomfort, you should immediately consult your doctor. Treats this syndrome therapist. Do not always help the massive training, therefore it is better to apply in person. The patient may be prescribed as courses of psychotherapy and medication, and constant monitoring of them close friends.

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