How to improve the psychological climate

How to improve the psychological climate
 From comfortable environment depends very much - performance of people, their emotional and even mental health. Psychological climate of this concept is rather complicated, but felt even by beginners in the family, working team and a group of friends.
 Psychological climate in the family to improve the easiest. But it depends not only on one man who set out to make it more favorable. Of course, we should not make the document "On some measures to improve the culture of interpersonal communication" and hang it on the fridge. What can be done in practice?

Firstly, to negotiate with a partner that you change the style of communication with children and with each other. Favorable climate index - the position of the family members with the smallest rights. Usually heavier than everyone in the family to an older child. Set yourself up to become a first of its problems. For example, try to give children an equal number of different resources. The kid only eats certain foods - even the older the chance. Inequality and resentment spoil the relationship between children and worsen the psychological climate in general.

Second, the need never to drive partner and child in the corner questions like "Why do not you do something else? ". This manipulation, which literate person will answer, "Why do you think that I have to justify? ". Do not make partner or child feel trapped. Give up such issues, replace them with the relevant requests reminder.

At work too good climate created by several, but sometimes one person can break the deadlock in the development of relations. Become an emotional leader who compliments everyone arranges for all common activities or tells jokes.

In relations with the parents need to rely on the principle of respect for the Bible. Listen to them and do not argue, but do on their own, without proving it, that your method is better. Honor them, but remain independent. This is the oldest and most effective method of improving the psychological climate in communicating with parents.

With friends - be careful in-jokes that can hurt your friends. Try more fun at himself and the situation. Such jokes do not spoil the mood and perceived positively.

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