How to identify the disease on nails

How to identify the disease on nails
 Nails - a kind of indicator of the state of the human body. By their state can determine the presence of certain diseases, disorders, some functions, the development of beriberi. Analyzing the structure and color of the nail can be found and how it appeared when deviations in some organs.
 Look to the color of their nails. If he is paler than the skin around the nail plate, or a bluish tinge, it testifies to diseases of the circulatory system. If your nails become pearl, it is an indication of improper and an unbalanced diet.

Now look for the scars on the surface of the nail. Deep transverse grooves on the nails are a result of a recent infection. If on the surface of the nail has a longitudinal scars, then pay attention to their diet, chances are it is unbalanced and does not contain all the required elements. Dents or pits occur due to improper diet. If on the surface of the nail had small bumps resembling pearls, it is the result of a viral disease long.

Yellow spots on the nails may be a sign of problems with the respiratory system, or an abuse of fat metabolism in the body. If the surface of the nail you notice small white spots, it is the result of excess sugar in the blood. In this case it is advisable to go to clinical trial diabetes.

If your nails are too brittle and exfoliate all the time, then first of all pay attention to the detergents that you use all the time, most likely, they contain some chemically aggressive components. Brittle nails could be evidence of metabolic disorders.

Pay attention to the shape of the nails. If they are bent, this usually indicates the presence and development of iron deficiency anemia. In this case it is better to give blood for analysis. If the nail, on the contrary, become convex, it indicates the presence of serious diseases of the respiratory system.

Black spots under the nails may be the result of a strong impact. But if the bright spot appeared without any apparent reason, they reveal a violation of the liver or acute inflammation of the endocardium.

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