How to drink ambrosia

How to drink ambrosia
 Ambrosia - is collected by bees and laid in a cell honeycomb pollen. For humans, this product is a source of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, and a number of biologically important compounds.
 Adult single dose of pollen that can provide stimulating the body's defenses, is 1-2 grams per day, for a child - 0, 5-1 g for two-thrice application. Course of a pollen so well stabilizes the immune system, even in periods of acute viral diseases a person is not ill or suffers a disease very easily.

The increase in single dose of pollen will not produce a significant effect on the stimulation of the body because it spent the specified number. The rest is used only as a high-calorie diet.

The dependence of the perception of pollen from the received time is ambiguous. Since even a small dose of pollen increases blood flow to the stomach, its reception before meals lowers blood pressure. Therefore, people with hypotension, as well as those with normal pressure, experiencing discomfort as a result of the outflow of blood from the head. After 30 minutes, the pressure is normalized and unpleasant condition disappears. Therefore, before eating pollen should only take high blood pressure, for which it will be a good tool for effectively reducing and pressure recovery.

The use of pollen after eating does not cause blood flow to the stomach. Therefore, such a reception mode is most suitable for the majority of adults and children. Note that pollen must be carefully chew or dissolve. Wash down her any liquid can not be within half an hour.

Stroke patients, ambrosia given in small doses. About 1 gram of the product to be placed under tongue four times per day. According to the experiment, the recovery of cerebral circulation occurs when any form of stroke and traumatic brain injuries. Also, pollen helps return to normal elderly people who began to suffer with age memory loss or dementia.

For the treatment of allergic conditions caused by lack of vitamins and low immunity, ambrosia served 3 times a day for 0, 5, however first necessary to test for tolerance of bee products by the body. This product is also prescribed for the treatment of diseases such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes. In these cases, it should be in an amount of 2.4 g three times a day.

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