How to choose an amino acid

How to choose an amino acid
 Without amino acids can be any vital process - the construction of cells, synthesis of enzymes, hormones, hemoglobin and antibodies that destroy infections, etc. Scientists via different chemical processes could provide the necessary amino acids, and natural supplements created. They allow people to regain strength after exercise, to strengthen the body, improve metabolism and speed the cure of many diseases.
 Manufacturers positioned as natural amino acids supplements which can be used without any restriction since they are safe and bring only benefits. But, of course, you should be aware that even a piece of bread in enough useful and not overly so harmless. Therefore, taking the decision to buy amino acids, first make sure that you need them. People leading a sedentary lifestyle, get almost all the essential amino acids from food. If you require amino acids for medical or athletic performance, their quantity and composition consult with specialists.

Keep in mind that the amino acid is conventionally divided into two subgroups. The first group includes the so-called nonessential amino acids. They can be synthesized by the body from other amino acids alone. In another subset are essential amino acids - are also vital, but coming to us only from the outside, from a variety of foods or as dietary supplements. There are certain amino acids, which are considered conditionally essential. They can be synthesized by the body, but in small quantities, and if a person is not engaged in physical labor, they are quite enough. If you exercise or just very active, it is quite possible that your supply of amino acids for normal cell growth is not enough, and should be renewed regularly.

Next, determine the form in which you need the amino acids contained in the proposed food additive. The most valuable and the most effective are free amino acids. They entering the body, do not require cleavage, but immediately and instantly absorbed into the blood. So, immediately involved in the recovery of muscle tissue. It is very important for athletes to withstand heavy loads during training. Unfortunately, these amino acids are difficult to produce, so they are the most expensive.

Cheaper but less effective because of the long assimilation, hydrolyzed amino acids. But if you need to normalize the functioning of the nervous system or, for example, to lose weight, this form will suit you perfectly. There are also dipeptide and tripeptide amino acid form. In this case, part of the peptide is absorbed very quickly, and the other - is the process of splitting.

The following selection criteria - the chemical structure of these substances. Chemists share the two forms of amino acids - D and L (right and left arrangement of the molecules in space). You should choose an amino acid with the letter L. It is they who are responsible for the metabolism in the human body.

And finally, you should choose the form of the release of this food additive. Now the amino acid produced in the form of tablets, capsules, powders and liquids. Basically, the big difference is that you will take, no, if only the effect to be achieved. However, these additives are absorbed differently. For example, tablets are very popular and widespread. But they are large in size, and drink them is not very convenient, they are a little longer to digest. Liquid amino acids are more convenient, but they appeared on the market recently, and everywhere they can be found. Powders should be diluted, preferably with juice. They are not suitable to everyone equally. Stable and well-considered digestible capsule (gelatin shell) with amino acids.

Considering all these factors, remember that the choice of amino acids depends on the characteristics of your body and the goals that you have set for yourself. Before you buy them, you should think things through and weigh.

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