How to choose a vitamin complex

How to choose a vitamin complex
 For normal human life need not only proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also vitamins. Or not to accept them - everyone decides for himself. However, experts claim that daily intake of essential vitamins can not be obtained with ordinary food, no matter how you try to diversify their menus. The fact that these elements are useful in vegetables and fruits are in small doses, while in pharmaceutical formulations - nutrients available in concentrated form.  
 To pick up a complex of vitamin preparations, which are suitable for you, you must take into account many factors:

The composition of vitamins and trace elements. Read the packaging of the drug, pay attention to the percentage of vitamins. The complex should contain the largest number of vitamins and minerals. However, some of them do not fit together. They are encouraged to take apart, so please read carefully the reception. Before you start taking a multivitamin, consult your doctor.

Manufacturers of vitamins. In today's market there are many drugs vitamin complexes, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Prices for domestic vitamins several times lower than their foreign counterparts. This is not only the cost of shipping, advertising, brand from reputable companies.

Imported vitamins are manufactured in more sophisticated equipment, have a greater degree of purification. While domestic production of pharmacological yet not always live up to the world level. On the other hand, domestic vitamins made it under the domestic consumer, taking into account the peculiarities of ecology and nutrition of our citizens. Yet it is not recommended to use a multivitamin cheaper 90 rubles per pack. When choosing vitamins note the certification mark: "The product is certified, approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation" or «GMP - quality assurance" for the import of vitamin complexes, shelf life and storage conditions vitamins.

If you choose a vitamin complex for a child, buy a multivitamin in the instructions to which it is said that they do not cause allergies. Vitamins for children today are produced in the form of lozenges, syrups, lozenges, dispersible tablets, colored figures.

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