Factors contributing to obesity

Factors contributing to obesity
 The increase in weight and volume and subsequent obesity often is because most of the food people "throw a" unconsciously, on the machine, sometimes without realizing this report. If a person starts to observe the situations in which he overeat, it will cease to recover.
 His feet are to the fridge ... Hand as if programmed, reaching for the tenth candy ... And the brain is not aware of the fact skoleko eat people! As part of a weight loss program, nutritionists conducted a detailed survey of thousands of people to find out how to prevent the absorption of food and unobtrusive - as a result - obesity.

The main reason why many are pulling in the mouth "lint" - boredom. Do nothing - so do not eat it? Food intake starts automatically. And sometimes a person spontaneously rolls desire to please yourself, reward something "sort of." Is also very common desire with food to cheer up, to protect themselves from the sad thoughts, look at the world with a smile - they say, there is still something good, like, nice food!

Obesity can threaten those who have very much free time. And involuntarily overeating causes many television. Obesity creeps quietly - while watching your favorite shows and series. Most passes in front of the screen for at least one meal. In this case, 22% of study participants nutritionists say that never eat at the kitchen table!

Most of the survey participants admitted that they want to lose weight, but experts have found that many do not realize that they eat more than they need. Indeed, everything happens as if by itself, a person can become a slave to the habit of snacking ... But just unconscious overeating is the most difficult barrier to "figure dreams."

Nutritionists (together with psychologists) call to fight obesity by means of hobbies like. This should be a hobby that evokes positive emotions and to which you are willing to almost always (for example, pictures of nature, dancing, drawing ...). Should be replaced by this positive occupation suddenly came the thought of food.

It is necessary to develop a perception of "special meal" as pleasure. Grandma's pie on Sunday. Gourmet chocolate in the afternoon - for vigor. Tasty pizza in the company of friends. Invitation to a loved one for ice cream ... So little dish becomes a symbol of the holiday, food intake does not turn into a routine. On food do not need to dwell.

And understand. should live a rich and varied, constantly trying to discover something new. Psychologists recommend: "Plan at least one day in joy!". And yet - move more and more smile ...

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 Author: Svetlana Sarychev

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