What good is Shiatsu?

What good is Shiatsu?
 Japanese Shiatsu massage technique based on the stimulation of biologically active points by pressing on them with your fingers, elbow, hand and knees. Shiatsu is a collection of ancient principles of Oriental medicine and knowledge about energy body.
 Energy meridians (or channels) in the human body are related to individual organs or functions. Energy imbalance causes disease and dysfunction that occurs as a result of stressful experiences, physical damage to the body or wrong way of life.

Shiatsu massage involves the elaboration of energy channels, their cleansing and balancing the energies in the body. The basic techniques of the art: the pressure, stretching and twisting. Pressing is usually done with the help of palms - so working on large areas of the body, soft and deep. The duration of pressing depends on the state of health of the patient. Impact on certain points made with the participation of thumb - the master transmits the weight of his body through the tip of the thumb. The other fingers are used to massage the head and other sensitive areas. Elbows should be removed and work through painful areas experiencing severe stress. It is important that the expert is not based on the ulna, and on the flat surface of the elbow.

When the motion is important not to stretch the skin, but only pressed tissues and muscles to bones. Then the result of the session will be relevant - to improve blood circulation, the skin smoothed and get healthy color. Alternation of fast and slow movements promotes relaxation and stimulation of muscle tissue, and final stretching movements change the direction of energy capture. Blocked channels open, continuous exchange of energy is restored, the harmony of organs and systems.

Shiatsu as maintenance therapy used in the treatment of cancer, sexual disorders, treatment of headaches, depression, etc. Normal massage activates the set of acupuncture points, each of which sends nerve impulses to a specific organ or body part. The result of this procedure is to improve the functioning of the organism as a whole.

Standard Course Shiatsu is designed for 7-10 days, during which the hour-long sessions are held daily. After some time, the course can be repeated.

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