Useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke

Useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke
 Root vegetable Sweet useful and tasty product, in our opinion, quite undeservedly overlooked. Its not often you can see on the tables of Russians, although it includes a variety of vitamins and minerals. He holds the record for the content of iron among the roots. It has potassium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, chromium, fluoride, sodium. It is useful for digestion - contains large amounts of fiber, valuable amino acids, pectin, vegetable protein. 1 kg of Jerusalem artichoke contains 60-70 g of carotene.

Jerusalem artichokes do not just food, but a real cure. In its tubers even have a natural insulin analogue - inulin. Because of this property, it is recommended to patients with diabetes who have in the body there is a lack of insulin. Hypoglycemic properties of artichoke broth - a great tool for the treatment of diabetes neinsulinovogo. This Roots are essential amino acids such as valine, arginine, lysine, lietsin.

Its medicinal properties include the ability to get rid of heartburn - its juice reduces the acidity in the stomach. They treat constipation and abdominal pain of varying etiology. Jerusalem artichoke juice has anti-inflammatory effect, it helps with arthritis.

People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, Jerusalem artichoke is indicated for treatment of hypertension, atherosclerosis, tachycardia, and coronary heart disease. Jerusalem artichoke juice and herbal teas should be in the diet of those who are being treated for obesity, anemia, and salt deposits.

Jerusalem artichoke - a powerful antioxidant, it can be used to cleanse the body and to deduce from it radionuclides, toxins, heavy metal salts. For residents of cities suffering from air pollution, it is especially important. Decoction of artichoke will also help lower your cholesterol. The only thing that should warn you - this contributes to enhanced root flatulence, so those who are prone to flatulence, they should not get involved.

And one more useful properties can not mention - Mask of Jerusalem artichoke used in cosmetics to eliminate small wrinkles. Root grate on fine grater and impose such a mask on for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 days during the month, your skin is smoothed and complexion significantly improve.

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