The truth about dietary supplements

The truth about dietary supplements
 The popularity of dietary supplements is growing every day. Many people run to the drugstore and buy them in batches, like a panacea for all ills, while deeply mistaken. Supplements are not drugs, although dealers and ready to spend hours telling you about their miraculous healing abilities. Is this true?  

Dietary supplements can not and should not be an alternative to drugs, because they are not. These mineral and vitamin complexes for improving or maintaining the body functions and background human power without explicit yielding or quick results, such as antibiotics.
Supplements are not specific chemical composition unlike drugs. Their composition will typically include vitamins, extracts of various plants, but there is no principal active ingredient.

Supplements supplying the body useful natural substances. They are characterized by soft complex effect. They firming effect on the whole body. Dietary supplements show results only after a fairly long period of time, a few weeks or even months. Also they do not have a specific duration. In medicine, on the contrary, the result can be immediately noticeable, or the next day after administration.

Supplements - is voluntary. You decide how much to use them, an overdose of additives is considered to be impossible, it is motivated by a natural reaction of the body. Additionally, dietary supplements do not have contraindications except hypersensitive to certain components, in contrast to drugs.

Supplements you no one can write a prescription as medicine (perhaps a doctor and prescribe such supplements, but not as a cure, but as a complement to the course of treatment medication), it's strictly voluntary - to take or not. Consultant dealer can only advise you that a product or a complex.

Supplements are not addictive, they can stop using at any time, and cases of drug addiction are widely known to the public.

Before you pay quite dearly for another box of the active substance, as it should think how much you needed this supplement, and whether it is you do. In Badakhshan nothing harmful, it's true. But in severe illness better to resort to more effective methods of restoring their health. And this product will be more useful for people healthy, take it as a restorative and preventative tool.

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