Most harmful food

Most harmful food
 These products are very widespread, and without them, many people simply can not imagine life. But at the same time, these products are very harmful to health. If you want to start to eat only healthy and nutritious food, pay attention to what to eat is not recommended. Here are some of the most harmful products.

Salt is known as "Black Death." Therefore it is better to minimize its use as a flavoring agent as an additional, and in salty products such as pickles, mushrooms, tomatoes, and so forth. All salt and salty foods from the diet is better to exclude completely.

Sugar is also very harmful. It is recommended to exclude sweet pastries, jams, preserves, ice cream and other similar products from their diet. Add a little sugar or jam in the herbal tea - this is normal. This combination allowed. Despite the fact that fruits are a powerful source of alkali podsaharennyh eat them is not necessary, because they immediately become sources of acids.

Imagine a small jar of Coca-Cola contains 10 spoonfuls of sugar. If you drink a jar once a day - in 8-10 years, you will be provided with diabetes. With the acquisition of this sweet drink increases the risk of obesity by as much as 50%.

Sausage, ham, sausage and other meat products deep processing harmful because they contain a lot of salt and irritants. Smoked "thrown" the organs of digestion and excretion, as well as oxidized blood. It would be better if you completely give up on them. Of course, if you want to eat only healthy food.

All fried for the body is also not helpful. In the process of frying formed poisons and carcinogens. This is particularly true of heated oils except corn. Let golden brown and delicious, but very hard digested, helping to gastritis, ulcers, colitis, kidney and liver.

Spices. This group includes: vinegar, pepper, mustard, tomato sauces, marinades, and other letcho spicy and sour seasoning. These products enhance the taste of food, it is without a doubt. But at the same seasonings irritate excretory and digestive organs and interfere with their normal work. Such stimuli should not use or take microdozes.

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