How to deal with food addiction

How to deal with food addiction
 Food addiction - is the main problem people are prone to excess weight. People suffering from such delusions, obsessed with any product, it is often chocolate, ice cream and other sweets, chips, fast food.

Food addiction is a disease similar to drug addiction, people are so obsessed with the desire to eat anything that cope with an almost impossible. This problem is very serious. Stress, trouble, or, on the contrary, the joy of dependent people "seize" favorite foods refuse which is not possible.

Such disease is a kind of nervous breakdown, is treated properly only by specialized drugs that will certainly appoint a doctor. The main principle of action of these drugs - the restoration of the proper functioning of the dopamine receptor, a substance that controls motivation and compensation. But this does not mean that the efforts you make yourself do not have to. Self-discipline, willpower - are your best companions on the way to solving the problem with a food addiction.

Firstly, the right to refuse from their favorite product is not worth it. Total ban sooner or later be broken, and you will only have a sense of guilt, so we recommend a gradual partial restriction. Better if control this process will not you, but someone from relatives.

Secondly, to be reserved for the future of food is not necessary. Should buy is the amount of food that you want your family for a day, it is better to go tomorrow again and again to buy a specific set. It is recommended to give the prerogative of purchases relatives.

Third, the less temptation will be on your way, the sooner you busting dependence on food. It is necessary to avoid bright stalls, street cafes, soda machines, in a word beware. As already mentioned, the shopping trip for some time, let it remain a concern for your family.

Fourth, cunning deception. Small cups, plates - will not let you eat a lot of food at once, but at the same time you will be satisfied. If you can feel hungry, drink a glass of water or green tea, it will blunt the desire to eat.

Finally, it's time to eat more vegetables, fruits - it's useful, right, low-calorie.

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