Garlic: useful and healing properties

Garlic: useful and healing properties
 As garlic seasoning used since ancient times. He has a special flavor, aroma and unique healing properties. As part of garlic contains many essential oils, silicic, phosphoric, sulfuric acid, sodium and magnesium, potassium, vitamins B, C and D. Garlic has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

Garlic promotes rapid healing of wounds, with it you can reduce the pressure to withdraw or parasites from the body. In addition, the use of garlic helpful to cancer patients, as well as during beriberi.

As part of the garlic over four components that have a positive effect on people. With it you can lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, cleanse the arteries. In the latter case, you must ingest 2-3 heads of garlic.

With garlic can strengthen the immune system. It has anti-microbial properties and a natural antibiotic. Garlic contains a composition of many drugs in the treatment of cancers, it kills the tumor cells. In addition, its use is recommended for people with neurological disorders.

Garlic is recommended to use during bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis. He also effectively combats bacteria cause stomach ulcers. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that remove heavy metals.

The beneficial effects of garlic on the walls of blood vessels of the heart, it relieves spasm with one of the active components - hydrogen sulfide. Relaxing the smooth muscles that cover the walls of blood vessels, it eliminates the causes of heart attack and stroke. In Tibetan medicine garlic is used as a rejuvenator for the body.

Garlic can be consumed during the poisoning organism, its use for snake bites, and disinfecting water as a disinfectant. Additionally garlic is effective in the treatment of influenza, colds, it is applied in the form of slurry as a mustard plaster during his illness.

Garlic helps with cramps and eliminates the symptoms of hemorrhoids, and garlic juice promotes rapid healing of wounds. Garlic helps with constipation, colic, flatulence, increases efficiency. Garlic is easy to grow, it is quite unpretentious, but long-term use of garlic in food can cause liver disease and gastrointestinal tract.

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