Be careful - white bread!

Be careful - white bread!
 The staple food of all peoples of the world is the bread. Of all the different varieties of each finds his lover of white, gray or black bread. Bread without causing feelings of satiety, daily replenishes the body proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Especially tasty white bread. But it is a significant drawback for the use of his preparations of flour, which is in the process of purification is deprived of all securities and nutrients. Therefore, especially white bread to get involved is not necessary, since it does not always and not for everyone, it can be useful.

And it was the bran, from which the cleaned wheat, contain essential vitamins (PP and group B), minerals and fiber necessary for the absorption of toxic substances, cholesterol reduction, preservation of body weight after weight loss, and most importantly - to prevent the formation of cancerous tumors in direct intestine. Ability bran tidy the gastrointestinal tract, as well as to adjust the fat and carbohydrate metabolism gets fans bread from wheat flour.

Scientifically established harmful white bread yeast basis. Bloating, flatulence, colic, rumbling - the consequences of excessive consumption of white bread. Adding yeast inhibits the intestinal microflora and cause anemia. Adverse effect of yeast white bread has on cells by damaging their membranes and activating the growth of tumors. That is why it is contraindicated with oncological diseases.

Each type of bread has its own special flavor. Therefore, the alternation of white bread with other species (gray, black) makes up for the missing nutrients and makes a variety of daily diet.

To neutralize the harmful white bread yeast-based, it is recommended to put it on the two days in the fridge, and then calcined in the oven or in the sun - it will reduce the activity of the yeast and make the bread safe. This council - for incorrigible lovers of white bread and for those who wholemeal bread is contraindicated (in diseases of the digestive system).

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