Smells affect dreams

Smells affect dreams
 If you suffer from insomnia, you can take a sleeping pill. This will provide a strong and long sleep. However, this approach does not guarantee pleasant dreams because they require the presence of the aggregate number of factors. However, scientists have found a way to control our dreams.

Impressionable nature more prone to nightmares. So people just look at bedtime horror or crime reports and provided a restless night. Now you can get rid of nightmares.

German researchers found that on the subject of dreams is greatly affected by the smells that surround us. Thus, to induce pleasant sleep enough to inhale a pleasant smell.

Similar conclusions were reached as a result of thorough research. It should be noted that these studies were presented at two congresses. In the American Academy of Otolaryngology and the Fund maxillofacial surgery.

The study involved a group of volunteers who had to just sleep. During their sleep, scientists "included" various odors. For example, the smell of rotten eggs alternated with the scent of roses. The fact that the subjects were observed during sleep, can be judged by their stories after their awakening.

Thus, it became known that odors cause dreams, which are dominated by negative emotions caused by uncomfortable circumstances, personal failures. Unpleasant odors can become a cause nightmares. Pleasant scent evokes dreams with positive emotions.

According to scientists, this experiment the influence of smell on dreams, was held for the first time. The fact that between external stimuli and dreaming there is a direct relationship previously nobody knew. Now, when this fact became known, scientists are going to master the technique of control dreams. Perhaps in the near future, people will no longer have nightmares.

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