Natural vitamins for eye health

Natural vitamins for eye health
 Often during the day my eyes red and tired, that over time can cause visual impairment. But if you eat food rich in essential trace elements and vitamins, problems can be avoided.  
 Maintain eye health help B vitamins They are contained in many foods, so not necessarily resort to using synthetic analogues. In addition, vitamin tablets worse absorbed by the body and sometimes benefit from them do not exist.

Include in your daily diet meat, rye bread, vegetables, wheat germ, and foods high in yeast. So you provide the body with sufficient dose of vitamin B1, which improves eyesight.

Riboflavin or B2, affects the metabolic processes in the cornea and lens. Lack of this vitamin leads to a gradual loss of vision. To avoid this, eat eggs, nuts, liver, meat, wheat germ and dairy products in unlimited quantities.

Pyridoxine helps regenerate the optic nerve. With a shortage of B6 increased eye fatigue, there is redness of the mucous membrane and blurred vision. Pyridoxine contained mainly in milk, cereals, egg yolks and cabbage.

Cyanocobalamin not only helps improve vision and the nervous system. Storehouse of vitamin B12 are eggs, fish, cheese, milk and meat. With daily use of these products will stop watering eyes and overwork, sleep and normal anxiety disappears.

Also, in order to maintain visual acuity requires vitamin C and E, zinc and fatty acid. If you stick to a balanced diet, these substances will come from food. That is why it is not recommended to sit on diets. In an extreme case, consult an eye doctor about the feasibility of the use of vitamin complexes, which are designed for the eyes.

Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, then your eyes will not tear and blush. Lack of sleep, long hours of working in front of a computer monitor day and poor nutrition - the main enemies of view.

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