Helpful and healing properties smellage

Helpful and healing properties smellage
 Among the many garden plants one of the most miraculous considered smellage - a perennial plant of the family umbrella. Love the-grass, piper, lyubistik aka lovage has a spicy aroma and persistent specific taste. Flowers in June - July. Ever since ancient times people used medicinal, edible and aromatic properties of lovage. Lovage is an excellent remedy for the treatment of many diseases.  

Use lovage roots in the treatment of anemia or anemia. To do this, carefully chop the root of the blender, take a teaspoon of the resulting substance and pour a glass of boiling water. Cool the infusion, strain it through cheesecloth and take a tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before meals.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties and wound-healing effect of lovage root infusion is used for cuts and scratches, as well as acne. Brew cup boiling water teaspoon minced raw, let it brew, and then strain. Take half a cup cup three times a day. He also wipe the skin with pustules on the skin or apply gauze soaked infusion to the affected places.

Decoction of the roots of lovage is also used in dropsy, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease. This tool reduces heart rate, reduces stress on the heart, has a calming effect, improves expectoration in bronchi. Rinse this decoction is used for stomatitis, pharyngitis and other inflammatory diseases of the mouth.

Traditional medicine recommends adding lovage half with a bay leaf in vodka. Two weeks later, tincture, which contains essential oils of lovage and bay leaf, will be able to cause an aversion to alcoholic beverages and contribute to rid patients of addiction to alcohol.

Use fresh herbs lovage in the preparation of salads and soups during cooking of meat, it will give them a strong flavor and spicy bitter taste. In addition, it is rich in potassium, vitamins, tannins and essential oils. In dried form can use all parts of the plant. Lovage improves the taste of sauces, gravies dishes from fish, poultry, vegetables, rice. Powder of dried lovage may be added to perfumes tea blends, pastries, liqueurs, marinades.

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