Immunostimulants: healthier lives at risk

Immunostimulants: healthier lives at risk
 In advertising, you can often find mention of the wonderful tablets that target supposedly safe and effective stimulation of the body's defenses. However, their action is not always has a favorable effect. Moreover, the use of such drugs can be dangerous to your health.

Wanting to boost immunity during epidemics of influenza and other diseases, many become so-called adjuvants that enhance the overall resistance of the body and improves mood. Most of immunostimulants - herbal drugs and vitamin complexes for their acquisition does not need a doctor's prescription. But this does not mean that they are absolutely safe.

As with any other drugs, herbal extracts to possible allergic reactions, up to and angioedema to anaphylactic shock. It can also develop and auxiliary substances used in the manufacture of tablets. Uncontrolled intake of vitamin complexes may occur overdose of a vitamin that can be dangerous to your health.

If used as immunostimulants, biologically active additives (BAA), it is not possible to control the amount received by the active ingredients. Their overdose is extremely dangerous and can lead to irreversible changes in the body that are often more dangerous than the common cold. In most cases, the manufacturer does not even mention the associated active components of such formulations, however, it is desirable to limit their use and does not combine with multivitamins or other supplements and medications. Additionally, dietary supplements do not undergo certification binding drugs.

In the human body organs are functioning smoothly, all the processes are subject to complex and subtle regulation. If intervene in this harmony with external stimulants, have a great chance to get a positive effect rather than a negative. Therefore, if you really think you have a problem with immunity, you should consult with an immunologist, pass the necessary tests and choose the right treatment.

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