5 myths about antidepressants

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 Until now, many Russians have a very distorted view of depression. Someone thinks that depression - this is not a disease, but just in a bad mood, and someone - that the presence of depression is a direct route to a psychiatric hospital. Largely due to an incorrect understanding of the disease a number of misconceptions and formed around antidepressants - drugs designed to treat depression. The most popular among these misconceptions are the following 5 myths.
 Myth № 1. Antidepressants cause great harm to the health

Of course, as with all medications have side effects of antidepressants. At their reception possible headaches, drowsiness, decreased libido, rapid heart rate, as well as a change in one direction or another appetite. We should not forget that depression itself can cause exactly the same unpleasant symptoms. If the disease is not treated, then all of these manifestations of depression will have to suffer for many years. But the side effects caused by the pills are just after the end of treatment. In addition, not all patients experience adverse symptoms of antidepressants.

Myth № 2. Great risk of becoming dependent on antidepressants

In fact, none of the known medical products for the treatment of depression does not cause physiological addiction. Another thing - the psychological dependence. However, it should be understood that such a relationship is not directly related to antidepressants. In the same way, for example, you can talk about the fact that ascorbic acid is addictive because children constantly begging his parents to the pharmacy to buy "Vitaminka delicious."

Myth № 3. It is possible to appoint an antidepressant

In general, buy antidepressants if they are not prescribed by a doctor, it is difficult. However, some enterprising people manage to buy these drugs without a prescription. However, this self at best be ineffective and at worst - will harm health. Do not forget that antidepressants are potent drugs, so the type and dosage of these drugs should be set by the doctor.

Myth № 4. Antidepressants can stop drinking any time

It often happens that, feeling better, the patient decides independently to stop taking antidepressants. Do so not worth it. Interruption of treatment is fraught with the return of depression in a stronger form.

Myth № 5. Instead of antidepressants useful to drink some "soothing herbs"

Ignorant in medicine and pharmacology, people often equate antidepressants and sedatives. As a result, instead of "harmful pills" someone decides to be treated, for example, valerian or motherwort. The effect of such treatment will of course. But not the one that people had hoped. It will be quieter, but depression is not going anywhere.

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