Which is better: bath or sauna?

Which is better: bath or sauna?
 Visiting bath or sauna - a sacred rite, aimed at cleansing the body of accumulated toxins. Warm up, warm up, pamper yourself useful herbal teas - who does not love this holiday cleanliness and health? What is best for you - bath or sauna?
 In the end, the essence is the same: good warm up, and sweat with sweat from the body to expel toxins. But in the bath and sauna is going on - in different ways. A visit to the steam room in any form is a high load on the body. Although the temperature in the traditional Russian sauna is lower than in the sauna (about 70 degrees counter-100-110). A moisture - contrary, above.

In the sauna humidity does not exceed 10%. The impact of such dried and piping hot air stand not everyone. Therefore, in the sauna made to sit quietly, without unnecessary movements. Broom is not required. And if you try to warm up to them - can be badly burned skin.

Dry scalding steam will not be useful for people suffering from chronic diseases of broncho-pulmonary system. On the contrary, inhalation malouvlazhnennogo hot air can cause, for example, asthma attack in asthmatic patients. And the core sauna is also not recommended, such high temperatures they are unlikely to be useful.

In a conventional steam room air is humid enough, up to 70%. This humidity is achieved by exposure to water directly onto the stove. In the Russian bath made first good warm up, sweat, and only then - splash water on the rocks and steam bath. Broom - is an effective tool for massage, has a warming up effect. Before applying it properly steamed with boiling water and insist bars becomes soft and elastic.

There are several variants of brooms, the most interesting effect can be tested using juniper twigs. There is a feeling that the body simultaneously bites many small needles. However, it does not hurt, after that comes the feeling spreads through the body heat. Momentary rush of blood to the skin promotes sweating. Pores are opened and the body intensively cleaned of toxins. In a conventional steam room all the time people are on the move.

Choosing between the sauna and steam room, all guided by their own sense of who where comfortable. If you go to the sauna to warm up once strongly (the second time it will be difficult to sustain for a long time), the Russian steam bath - is a process of many hours. A good warm up a broom, and a cup of tea to cool down and then the steam room - what could be more useful?

The main thing is to follow certain rules. Firstly, in the bath did not go to full stomach, it is harmful. Secondly - alcohol should be excluded during a visit to the sauna, it is a great strain on the heart. But in the third (and most importantly), the bath to go in a good mood, and then steam will bring you huge benefits.

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