Where to go in the fall?

Where to go in the fall?
 If instead you got a summer holiday fall, do not hurry to get upset. In autumn you can relax and save money due to seasonal discounts and not to worry, that will not be tickets for plane or train. A vacation in the fall, you can schedule any - even a beach, though sightseeing.
 The biggest advantage of the autumn vacation is something that does not need to pre-book tickets and hotels. Already in September reduced the flow of tourists with children in school, which of course affects the free directions. In addition, if you are traveling with children, you have the opportunity to relax in a family hotel without the usual hassles child. Becomes wider selection of hotels and departure dates, so do not plan your vacation for a few months. And most importantly - set comfortable weather. On the coast no sweltering heat and cool evenings. In European cities, you can safely roam the streets without fear of scorching sun.

In autumn weather comfort and low prices boast popular tourist destinations such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, the Black Sea coast, Croatia. Go to sea in autumn is recommended for older people with cardiovascular disease, pre-school children. In October, you can safely bask in the sun and expectant mothers. Incidentally, the "velvet" season on the coast a lot of honeymooners. So if you are looking for a company to rest, you will not have to miss.

Lovers of active recreation and sightseeing we can recommend a visit in September and October European capitals. During this period, the indigenous population end traditional holidays that fall in August. So, will open all private cafes, restaurants and shops. Who came in August in the same Paris, faced with the fact that the majority of budget institutions were closed. Plus, the reduced flow of wishing to see the popular attractions. This means that you can no queues to get into the Colosseum, the Louvre or the treasury of the Museum Island in Berlin.

And those who are tired of the heat and already want to prepare for winter, waiting for welcoming the Scandinavian countries. Another relevant cruises on ferries to the northern capital. You may even be able to soak up the sun on the deck in the warm sun. And most importantly, this will be safe tan and burn risks are minimized.

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