How to make a t-shirt

How to make a t-shirt
 How to diversify your wardrobe so that it was not boring, or what gift to present your friend? Such a useful and convenient thing as a T-shirt can not only fulfill their practical function, but also serve as a decorative element. Make a T-shirt with fashionable print you can own.
 For the manufacture of T-shirts with a picture, you can use colors for the fabric. Buy a T-shirt and ready to stencil. Or make your own stencil based on pleasing pattern. Insert a T-shirt folded in several layers of cloth or a piece of cardboard to obtain a clean image and is printed on the back of the shirts.

By means of self-adhesive paper, attach the stencil on a t-shirt. Immediately press it is not worth much, first make sure that under the stencil on the future site of the figure are missing vmyatosti and folds.

When the fabric is aligned with T-shirts, with a strong touch of smoothing, moving from the center to the edges of the stencil, well stick it. Be particularly careful to lock the verge of drawing. Pour the paint into a saucer and with the help of a sponge, apply it to the template. Watch carefully to every corner of the figure has been carefully dyed. If some parts of the picture you need to perform in a different color, for a time close them a piece of cardboard or paper.

After applying the paint let it dry. Likewise, put on a T-shirt another layer of dye. After drying the next layer of paint another color that part of the figure, which was covered with cardboard. When the paint is dry, remove the T-shirt inside out and iron the place patterned iron.

Instead of painting can be purchased in the department of computer and office equipment special transfer paper from which the image is transferred onto the fabric using an iron. Print the image you have chosen a color inkjet printer as a mirror image. Leave on for half an hour to dry.

Lay the shirt on a flat solid surface, laid by a folded in several layers of cloth. Cut out the image, leaving the edges of the loop of about 3 mm. Transfer paper put on razrovnennuyu fabric face down. Heat the iron to maximum temperature and strong pressure, flatten the paper. In this case, perform a circular motion, it promotes even heat distribution. The thermal effects on the image is one to two minutes depending on its size.

After 10 minutes, after ironing, remove the protective backing. After another 5-10 minutes again progladte image by placing iron tracing. Then remove the release paper.

Wash these t-shirts at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. Do not use bleach in the wash.

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