How to determine your personality type

How to determine your personality type
 Sotsionikoy takes an interest in more people. It is not surprising, because it allows a better understanding of the features and build relationships more effectively. However, many have a problem with the definition of their socionic type. Because the tests are often given conflicting results.
 Empirically found that all of the information about the psyche is divided into 8 categories, they are also called aspects. Man by nature is capable of high awareness and competence to operate only two types of information. One type of information management and one type - the irrational. Your goal - to find these two spheres of competence of a single block and leave them on their type. So, eight areas:

 The first block.
1. Emotions (rational aspect). A person who is competent in this field, creatively affects the mood of others. He can organize a great holiday and to please (and sometimes upset). He consciously watching mood (IEI types, EE, SEE, ESE).
2. Comfort (irrational aspect). Expert in the "comfort" of nature has a clear taste and aesthetics brings in all his affairs. Often these people are good paint, mold, coming up with fashions. Inconsistencies in the guise of others can get them to make a remark to strangers (ESE types, SEI, FEL, SSI).
3. Work (rational aspect). Technologist from God any question "what to do" does not cause him considerable trouble. Pragmatic, has business acumen and the ability of the business. Money allegedly themselves to him go. Easy evaluates the quality of other people's business (LIE, or SSI, FEL).
4. Events (irrational aspect). Magnificent forecaster who notices trends and able to anticipate events. Sometimes these insights to others seem mystical, in fact it's just human concentration on tracking a variety of changes in the environment (or, IEI, LIE, EIE).

Second unit:
1. Relations (rational aspect) - a man of God psychologist and expert in building relationships. He was always able to give advice on how best to tackle the situation of conflict and reconciliation. He is able to give the other person know how well it relates to man. Such people are consciously monitoring relationships of others, from them nothing is hidden (EII, ESI, IEA, SEE).
2. Will (irrational aspect) - So people do not get the problem themselves or others. They do not climb into his pocket for a word, assertive and make an impression very strong personality. Their energy attracts people (SLE, SEE, ESI, LSI).
3. The system (the rational aspect). Analytical skills - business card these people. They are considered very intelligent, even if you do not see evidence of this mind. Any question they are able to present a coherent concept. See logical blunders (SLE, LSI, LII, ILE).
4. Opportunities (irrational aspect). The ability of others, potential ideas and phenomena, the essence - do not hide from these people. Insight and ingenuity - their trump card. With them very interesting, although it is sometimes difficult (IEA, ILE, LII, EII).

 So you found in one of the blocks to their strengths sphere. The second block is processed neosoznavaemo, so you can be very competent, but not to give those areas of life importance. How to find your type in the tables? First, determine which of the two main areas of your important. Relationship for the sake of opportunities or to seek opportunities to build relationships? The most important area determines the rational you type or irrational. Names of rational types begin with "logic -" and "ethical and" irrational - "intuitivno-" and "sensorno-". For example, you have a strong sphere of "opportunities" and "relationship". Of the latter types you see that it is either EII or IEA. Important respects. So - rational. The full names of the types of ethical-intuitive introvert (EII) and intuitive-ethical extravert (IEE). This means that your rational type is called EII. Introversion and extroversion - too vague quality to them navigate in determining the type. 

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