Culinary School. Come learn?

Culinary School. Come learn?
 In recent years, cooking is becoming more and more popular hobbies in the world. Thousands of men and women spend their free time, learning recipes for various dishes, and are suitable for the case thoroughly - learning technology, the basics of chemistry, particularly the use of spices, their compatibility. Learn the intricacies of creating sauces and processing of meat and fish in different national cuisines, as well as trying to reproduce the recipes that create fashionable famous chefs.

Some recognize the inadequacy of the information that is obtained from books, blogs and TV shows, and thinking about how to attend cooking classes or schools.

Now a large variety of culinary schools, for every taste and budget. Famous chefs and cooks open their schools that teach the secrets of their profession. In general, of course, there are trained by their colleagues, however, due to the surge of interest in food and its preparation, taking and amateurs. Moreover, there are special courses for those wishing to learn how to cook - from a few days to a couple of months.

As a rule, these schools are located in France, Italy, Spain, where you can join the characteristic features just for kitchens these countries, learn the basic principles of cooking, the products used, their combinations, the secrets of their treatment. Very often, the school offers to study the kitchen a certain region or province.

Surprisingly, one of the "culinary" countries is the United Kingdom, which, although it can not boast a particularly delicious local food, but now at the forefront of fashion for cooking. Young ambitious chef creates modern British cuisine, which is a combination of national traditions of different countries and modern high technology.

Visiting foreign culinary schools will be costly - an average of 80-100 euros per day of training. And they are not so easy to get, it is sometimes record for the next six months.

But in Russia there are already cooking classes that allow both to complete a full course of study thorough and take a few workshops for the preparation of specific foods (eg, land or rack of lamb, rice or baking).

Culinary schools in the era of globalization helps to get to know the world, the culture of other countries, as well as deepen their knowledge in cooking.

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